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Just reported (17.15 GMT) on local BBC Radio that 999 lines have gone down in the Wirral (Merseyside) area. Spokesman said 'not due to Y2K'. Phew, just as well that last week they announced they had set up a Y2K contingency plan for 999 emergency call centres in the event of the lines going down (ie you go to your local cop shop). How prescient.

Graham Ross

-- Steve Davis (Columbia, MD) (, December 31, 1999


Well,rememeber that they always say that is not Y2K related for some time . Is really IBM not shipping parts to Australia? We do not know,they deny can you immagine if they would not .Their stock will tuble.


-- Alex CAprotti (, December 31, 1999.

Of course IBM is shipping parts to Australia. They are one of our global sites, and need parts to do their jobs of servicing machines. No-one at IBM has denied any of this. Not one of us. Have you been to and checked out the official announcements? From within the walls, I hear information before it is released and I can honestly say that we have encountered no problems thus far in any of our Australian or Asian sites. Not one.

Also, (and pardon me for saying so) you really should take the time to check your spelling. The spelling in your message was atrocious.

As for IBM stock, we have lost 7/8 of a point as of now, and I expect to see it rebound by close when investors realize that IBM was ready.

-- Fuzzy (, December 31, 1999.

Gee Fuzzy, if all IBM employees are as tactful as you are...well, I guess I'll sell my stock too!

-- Charles J. Anning (, December 31, 1999.

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