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The server is already in maximum overdrive, and can only get worse. Some of us are stuck with slower connections, and cannot open any of the threads due to "Server Busy". It has taken me the past hour and a half just to open about 10 threads. Would you all who are using T-1 connections, digital cable, ISDN, and, yes, even 56K connections help the rest of us access-challenged people a bit? Here are some suggestions:

1. Please try to be as specific as possible in your thread Subject headings. A title like "Oh My God! Can you believe it???" is very frustrating to someone who cannot open the thread. It would really help if we could at least get a clue about what's going on from reading the subject titles.

2. Would some of you consider cross-posting particularly significant news to the Texas Networks forum? It is much easier and faster to access for those unable to get in here.

3. Then there's the obvious that should need to go unsaid, but, I'll say it anyway. Please be vigilant in checking for duplicate threads before posting new ones. It would be very appreciated by us slow connection people if we could reduce the number of less relevant threads, such as "I just woke up. Somebody tell me what all has happened."

4. Finally, thanks to the hard-working sysops for keeping the place cleaned up.

-- (, December 31, 1999


All great suggestions RUOK

on de rock

-- Walter (on de, December 31, 1999.

Can someone email me with the address to Lisa's Forum. I understand it needs a pass work. Please don't leave me in the dark after all this time. Thanks

-- Marcia Ernst (, December 31, 1999.

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