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Hi all

well...all seems well here :) power, banks and stuff although telecommunications seemed screwy due to the congested network of phonecalls. But of course, the Y2K centre here is still keeping watch, i am too..

I heard someone said the Y2K turnover for embedded chips in systems is 7 pm EST??? is that true ...if it is, what time will that be in Singapore? (+8.00 GMT) so that i can give ya an update. Its now 12:58 am.

Happy New Year all :)

Regards, Dennis

-- Dennis (oblivion@pacific.net.sg), December 31, 1999


I do not think that any one really?? knows! Some people say one thing others say something else?

I must say I am quite pleased that there are NO noticeable problems so far, however I must add that I am also very surprised.

-- LALA (LaLALAND@aol.com), December 31, 1999.

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