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From Gary North....


1999-12-31 23:50:49


If You Want Me to Keep Updating This Site Today, You

Should Switch to a Mirror Site Now.



This link will take you directly to the Newest Links page on a

mirror site. Put it in your Favorites or Bookmarks. Use it. I mean,

today! Otherwise, this site will surely shut down again. As of 5:30

a.m., eastern time, my main site is so busy that I am barely able to

post new items.

Yesterday, heavy traffic shut down this site. It will happen again

today unless tens of thousands of you switch to a mirror site.

My guess: most people will stick with this site until it locks up. I can't

make people use a mirror sute. I can only suggest it. Maybe the

mirrors will jam up, too.

I am getting thousands of visitors who have not visited this site in

months. Too bad I don't have a spare T-3 line to accommodate them


Here is another mirror site, in case the new one jams up:

This next one is 24 hours behind. I doubt that anyone will use it

today, but just in case. . . .

-- Sheri (, December 31, 1999

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