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I'm a doomer. What does that mean? It means I don't trust the indestructibilty of our society and infrastructure. Period. But lack of trust doesn't mean inability to live in a "polly" world. Doomers can "do that". Question is, can "pollys" lived in a "doomed" world? Doubtful. That's why their laughter is hollow, even pathetic. Courage is what "doomers" possess - courage to face the unpleasant - whether it materializes as "Y2K" failures, or "failures of judgment". Either way, "doomers" are PREPARED. So laugh away funny folks, I hope for your sakes that "Y2K" really is a dud. As for me? Doesn't matter. I'm ready "no matter what." Oh, and by the way, I still don't trust our "indestructability." Y2K isn't over yet - not by a long shot. Keep that in mind for the short run. And don't laugh so hard that you forget to breath once a while ...

-- Reedfisher (reedfish@mediaone.net), December 31, 1999


This neo-doomer is happy too, seeing power on in Tokyo after the roll- over. Still waiting for 00:00:00 UTC (7:00 P.M. EST), but optimistic now.

-- Anonymous999 (Anonymous999@Anonymous999.xxx), December 31, 1999.

Well I never expected that electricity or telephones would fail. I expect Damage by a thousand paper cuts. Oil delivery is my biggest concern. The rollover is happening exactly as I reasoned it would. I hope things go well but it is just to early to draw any conclusions. Nothing looks and is more foolish that premature celebrations. It is terrible when they call the ball back! Lenny Chmielecki

-- Leonard (Chmielecki@worldnet.att.net), December 31, 1999.

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