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Quick "native colour". My local supermarket (mainland Britain) is heaving with people, at 13:00 local time 31/12/1999, with long queues at the ATM's outside and (ha) the petrol station. I expected some extra business, but this place has an enormous carpark which I have never, ever seen more than 1/2 full, even on Christmas eve. There are now cars queueing to get in.

I don't know what people are buying. I didn't go in, seeing as how I'm prepped (and not a short sighted moron).

I'm not suggesting they've woken up or anything, I'm just illustrating how JQP loves to leave it until the last possible minute.

-- Servant (, December 31, 1999


More local color: Our local supermarket was mostly empty, except for a few people buying last-minute New Years Eve party supplies. Of serious concern: the french onion dip was bought out, although other dip flavors were available. We'll keep you all posted on the dip news.

-- weare (, December 31, 1999.

Keep laughing for three months or so. Ha ha ha.

-- Servant (_@_._), December 31, 1999.

If Y2K is now going to be a non-event, better get on to other topics. More fascinating anyway, is the spelling of the word "queueing" (q.v., your post, Servant) and this question: is there any one word in the English language with more consecutive vowels, and if so what is it?


-- SH (, December 31, 1999.

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