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12.55 am Jan 1, 2000 Nelson New Zealand

All essential services are functioning. Power Telephone (Including the Cell phone network) are functioning Y2K readiness centers report no malfunctions. Internet is not affected. National Y2K readiness center due to report in 5 minutes.

-- Red Dawn (, December 31, 1999


Let me be the ffirst to say.. SO?

-- Blair (, December 31, 1999.

Red Dawn, I am having no problems accessing the page with the 2:00am update still claiming no problems. Try using your refresh button.

1 January 2000; 2:00am

No reports of Y2K-related incidents, says the New Zealand Y2K Readiness Commission

Twelve out of 12 sectors monitored in New Zealand continue to report no Y2K-related interruptions, says Basil Logan chairman of the New Zealand Y2K Readiness Commission at the Commissions 2am briefing.

We are pleased with this continuation of good performance since our 1am briefing, Mr Logan, says. All monitoring systems connecting us to all key sectors and essential services are working smoothly.

The Y2K Readiness Commission will continue to monitor the situation in New Zealand. All information and updates will be available on the Commissions website at The Commission will update this report at 5.00am.

-- Toast (, December 31, 1999.

Anyone have a satellite photo link to that region???

-- Hokie (, December 31, 1999.

So if the Y2k readiness center was due to report in 5 minutes from their last report, why - two hours later - haven't they posted an update?


-- LunaC (, December 31, 1999.

I just heard a report from the Y2K center and the guy (Hager?) said that there are no problems in power, communications, etc. in New Zealand or Australia.

-- Darla (, December 31, 1999.

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