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Well by the time someone reads this it will be midnight 2000 on the Pacific, my home (well two miles away). Get this over and done with. Hopefully there will be little disruption and the optimists are right. But the only way is to get enough detail that there is a real problem or it is a bunch of 'glitches' that are less than life threatening. I am one of the millions though that will see the rollover last on the continential Americas (I live on an Island) and plan on keeping track of the situation. As I said, history I hope will record this as a nonevent so we can enjoy life as we know it (roughly). The whims of Nature aren't so kind as Europe has noticed though. Regardless, Y2K has attracted attention to the fact that there is a reality out there. Ps & Ds well met. Have a safe rollover and keep your liners dry folks. 23 December 1999

Press Release


NEW YORK/GENEVA, 23 December (OCHA) - The United Nations' most comprehensive humanitarian Web site -- www.reliefweb.int -- maintained by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), will play a special role during the rollover period from 31 December 1999 to 4 January 2000. It will expand from its normal coverage of humanitarian issues and events, to also serve as the United Nations central Web site for public information and analyses related to significant Y2K impacts around the world, with special attention to their humanitarian implications.

ReliefWeb currently provides daily updates on over 40 humanitarian emergencies and posts documents from more than 300 cited sources. It covers breaking news and provides historical background, maps and more than 5,000 background links by country. In order to maintain its strict policy of impartiality and neutrality, all information is posted without editing its content. During the Y2K rollover period, ReliefWeb staff within the OCHA will be monitoring events and adding updates to the Web site 24 hours a day. Readers may access information specific to the Y2K rollover by logging on to www.reliefweb.int and clicking onto the Y2K page. This material will also be cross-referenced in the country and complex-emergency sections of the site.

 ReliefWeb Y2K alert page

 ReliefWeb: Y2KBreaking News

-- Brian (imager@home.com), December 31, 1999


I actually forgot the HTML on my text *VBG* (banging head)

Important part of text!

Doomers and Pollies, well met, Y2K has been interesting speculation but now the rubber will hit the road.

Lets find out what happens.

-- Brian (imager@home.com), December 31, 1999.

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