I Will Be Broadcasting Live Friday/Saturday over KVMR FM and over internet

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I will be at our Emergency Operation Center for Nevada County, California, Friday from about noon PST on......don't know when I'll sleep again! I will be broadcasting live from Nevada City Emergency Operations Center as things happens, calling into KVMR (can listen live over the internet) and reporting. I will be on just after noon PST on Alan Stahler's 'Soundings' for the first update and then periodically we will be breaking into regular programming as the need arises. Also KVMR will be playing BBC news periodically - probably at least on the hour.

If things get serious we will be on continually.

If you are in Sacramento/Foothills/Gold Country area tune into 89.5 or 99.3 or 103.7 FM

If you have any breaking news from your neck of the woods post it here. Or call me at 530-265-7000 at the EOC or KVMR's cell phone 530-913-9895

May good fortune come our way..... Love, safety and peace to you all

-- Sheri (wncy2k@nccn.net), December 31, 1999

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