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Anybody know how to use irc? I went there last night, and there was already a y2k chatroom, but no one there but a bunch of robots.

If this site crashes, I invite everyone to meet there, at least until this site is up and running again.

I also visited the yahoo y2k chat room. Nothing there when I was there but a bunch of OT chatter. Also, that site is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

Irc is way fast.

Anyone know any alternate forums where we can follow events during the next few days?

If nothing happens by Monday, I'm going to be spending a lot less time here.


-- jumpoff joe a.k.a. Al K. Lloyd (, December 31, 1999


Hi Al,

A couple of users here have set-up alternate sites. I'm not going to post the links here, because the pollys will invade the place as soon as they find out. Yea, I know, some already do know, but this will be one less clue for them.

E-mail me if interested (and I WILL keep an eye on my mail for a while...) <:)=

-- Sysman (, December 31, 1999.

Keep an eye on this FEMA site. Probably more inside information here than anywhere else!

Here it is.

-- Craig (, December 31, 1999.

Excuse me. I take that back. Pollys are always welcome. What I meant to say is that TROLLS will invade the place! <:)=

-- Sysman (, December 31, 1999.

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