Pure Water Products has issued new instructions for Style A siphon filters

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For those of you who have purchased a style A siphon filter (a doulton ceramic candle fitted with a hose) from Pure Water Products, or who have made a similar setup yourself, I received snail mail yesterday from PWP regarding revised instructions for use of their Style A siphon filter setup. From the looks of it, they mailed it to everyone who may have purchased one of their filters (I had purchased style B).

The gist is they have revised their instructions so that there is less chance of contaminating the inside of the filter candle when all you have to work with is "dirty" water. See http://pwgazette.com/stylea.htm for more details.

PWP suggests that people who bought filters for others pass the word to them as well...


-- Eyell Makedo (make_do@hotmail.com), December 31, 1999

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