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LONDON - Police marksmen are to take to the rooftops in a major security operation to protect Britain's showpiece millennium celebrations from possible attack.

Their eyes will be fixed on what are expected to be the biggest crowds ever gathered in London, and they will focus most sharply on the Millennium Dome where the Queen, Prime Minister Tony Blair and a host of Britain's rich and famous will see in the new century.

Police plan their heaviest security around the Dome -- centrepiece of Britain's New Year celebrations - which offers a rare chance for a guerrilla group or even a lone gunmen to wipe out the country's leadership.

Traffic in and out of the area will be tightly controlled. People working in the so-called "exclusion zone" will have to produce special accreditation papers.

Newspapers have reported that Britain may be a target for Islamic fundamentalist guerrillas, and Thursday's near fatal stabbing of former Beatle George Harrison despite living in a home dubbed "Fort Knox" heightened security concerns.

"It is not our practice to give out details of our security plans but you can rest assured we are prepared for all eventualities," said a police spokesman.

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-- Noswad (, December 30, 1999


Hey, wonder if we'll do the same in NY and deecee?

-- Hokie (, December 30, 1999.

Was watching MSNBC tonight and they covered times square plans. Including the "loudspeakers" "in case something should go wrong with Y2K" "these loudspeakers are code named the VOICE OF GOD".

Well isn't that special. If the lights go out and you're in times square, you'll hear the voice of god. Gee, I'd really like to be there for that one.

-- Gordon (, December 31, 1999.

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