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Hi Everyone!!!

We're back! Excellent!

I just got back from a trip to Costco. My family and I had no intention of buying any preps. We just needed a few treats for a family New Years gathering tomorrow evening (we're buggin out early).


Water, flying off the pallet. Cans on top of more cans in baskets. It was truly amazing. And...GIs talking to DGIs in line. Things were very, very tense in a friendly sort of way. Hoards and hoards of people. I've never seen the place so crowded and it's a Thursday afternoon.

We talked about the fear of terrorism. It's happening. We talked about the lone wacko gun man problem, it happened today. We talked about food runs, they're happening here. But there's more.

Lines, and lines of cars waiting to fill up.

The Hurricane is right off shore and people are pushing to get ready before it hits. This is both good and bad I suppose.

Everyone take care, stay low and keep safe.

Best wishes,



-- Mike Taylor (, December 30, 1999



Thanks for the report. I forgot ... what part of the country are you in?


-- Ed Yourdon (, December 30, 1999.

oh, btw... water at Costco has suddenly increased on average at least 40"...



-- Mike Taylor (, December 30, 1999.

argh... that should be "Lines and lines of cars waiting to fill up... with gas!"

The gas run has started to some degree in my local area.



-- Mike Taylor (, December 30, 1999.

Hi Ed!

I'm in Southern California near San Pedro, Long Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes...



-- Mike Taylor (, December 30, 1999.

No gas lines in central Michigan, though prices up about 9 cents a gallon. Increased displays of water at Meijers which seems to be selling briskly, but the shelves are filling up at the same rate. I had to hang around town today for several hours today (could have driven home and returned but it is 25 miles away and I was curious). What would normally have bored me silly was interesting in the context of trying to see whether and how people were/are preparing. Other than water sales, nothing seemed unusual. Parking lots and stores were crowded, but when I surveyed the carts there were only a few that might have been the "disaster-preparation" type. Mostly it was the same old junk.

-- Gus (, December 30, 1999.

Durham, NC:

Credit union--normal.


Harris Teeter supermarket--normal, except paper goods being depleted, meat counter being run down to nothing (hardly any packages), and Parmalat and dried milk gone. Gallon jugs of water in short supply.

Kroger--normal, except dried milk cleaned out (no Parmalat sold); gallon jugs of water in short supply.

No lines at gas stations, traffic about normal.

-- Old Git (, December 30, 1999.

Wife and I also visited Cosco. With this forum down, we decided to enjoy this day by seeing if anything was going on. People were buying for the future, no question. East Coast station across the street where we enjoyed a delightful meal had a line of cars backed up.

Richmond, Va. I'm sure relieved this thread is back up. Thanks, sysops,Phil.

-- Tommy Rogers (Been there@Just a, December 30, 1999.

I'm in Lexington. Just got back from Wal-Mart expecting the worst of the worst as far as lines go. Nothing! If anything, it was quieter than normal. Ominously, the store had positioned several pallets of 5 gal. gas cans right up front near the registers, but no one was buying. Plenty of Spam, paper goods, not much in the way of water, but then it always looks depleted. Of the people shopping, they were just buying the usual. Our checker was a GI, as she checked us out, she said, "now don't you feel better? You're all prepped." As it so happens, we had zero money for preps until today. Better slow than never is my motto.

My prayers go out to everyone on this board. (Don't usually say that sort of thing, but at a time like this, why not?) Have a safe, safe, safe New Year!


-- CD (, December 30, 1999.

Whew, that was too close for comfort. It gladdens the heart to know that so many came to the aid of the community at a time of crisis. I like it here. Secondary sources of supply are a good thing.

OT - I was at Home Depot a while ago, and over half of the gennys that were in stock yesterday, are off the shelf. That still leaves somewhere around 17 left. I expect them to be gone by morning.

Some stations, mostly also ran brand names are full, but no lines as yet. Texaco, Arco, open pumps no lines yet. Local radio station asked public NOT to top off their tanks as that would cause shortages.

Bank showed no signs of lines as of 3:00 PM PST. But my teller friend had a very tired and harried look. We always converse and joke, but not today.

Personal attacks and severe jesting about Y2K today, from many I have tried to help. God forgive them, they know not what they are doing. Trying in vain to think of every little undone. Came to the conclusion, I'll just have to return to cleaver solutions, ( a good moment BTW)

Good to be back up, thanks Phil, Ed and all.

-- Michael (, December 30, 1999.

hey Mike!

Got a Y2K bunker here in Canada for you and the family :o)

Actually just had a news report on the local TV station and folks are being carefull. Making sure they stock up on beer *VBG*

Canadian tire is running out of gensets, propane, camping gear and on and on. But folks aren't in panic mode, my trip to the local food store seemed to be normal. The gas stations are busy though.

What amazes me is that folks are concerned about water up here, we are gravity fed and no reason to worry yet they do. Kind of makes me wonder.

The terrorist and a recent earthquake really woke folks up in Victoria. Strange days indeed.

Have a safe one folks!

-- Brian (, December 30, 1999.

Northern VA (suburb of ground zero, Washington, DC). Business as usual. I would have expected gas lines by now. I've got to hand it to the spinners, they've pretty much kept things under their thumbs.

-- fatanddumb (fatdumb@nd.happy), December 30, 1999.

Well, guess I can get gas cans by driving a little ways. Here in a small town in WV I toured walmart.......

very few propane tanks, all small
kerosene heaters depleted, from over 100 to about 15
kerosene storage cans depleted, only a few left
plenty of duct tape :)
no gallon water jugs
plenty of 'designer' spring water at top prices
store was packed, checkout clerk mentioned y2k as the reason

And finally, the telling cart.......a thin grey haired lady, loaded with the last of the gallon water jugs and piled high with TP

-- rocky knolls (4@5.6), December 30, 1999.

Dittos to Mike, Report from Costco in the Silicon Valley area. I went their yesterday, and they had a pallet of 60 ulitity candles @ $20.00 a pop today GONE. The pallets of batteries was half the size as it was yesterday, same for the extra water, they had stacked outside. I don't know if the price was higher. every 5th basket had TP. Canned goods holding. Longest lines I have ever seen. Will Report again

-- Rubicon (, December 30, 1999.

Greetings from Northern Virginia.

Our daughter said COSTCO in Manassas VA is hopping with water purchases. Took her an hour and a half to get through the drive-thru teller at her bank. She withdrew all the money in her account.

Reston VA was quiet today, however. No problem getting my ATM withdrawl. No sign of herd, there.

COSTCO in Centerville VA yesterday was real busy but looked like normal purchases. Stores every where are ready - stocked to the roof - but the only bare spots are near water bottles.

Fauquier County VA has recently installed posts for mounting temporary stop signs at traffic light intersections.

Local WAVA talk radio was poo-pooing the fuss but every caller was preparing for at least a weekend and one was preparing for a month - for himself and neighbors. When host referred to the caller as "more mature" than he was, he really put it in a nutshell. Traffic girl admitted to enjoying living dangerously and had zip preparations.

Note that Washington DC sent notes home with school kids telling their parents to prepare for a week. Few paid any attention. Y2K czar did a good job of numbing the speeple - as if they needed more numbing.

We are prepared. Have been preparing for a year and a half and don't know of a single soul who has even prepared themselves for a weekend. We've helped a few elderly people at church. Others were only mildly interested. Too bad.

I've enjoyed the creativity on this forum. Appreciate the variety of opinions but not the potty-mouths. Hard to give credance to people with that sort of manners.

Thanks for the help and for the moral support. This is not something to face in a vacuum.

Never forget, God is in control.


-- Jane Lawson (, December 30, 1999.

On the news tonight in Minneapolis the reporter stated that a local grocery store which usually sells 600 gallons of bottled water a month had sold 7,000 gallons in one week. Based on what ya'll are saying, combined with that report, I'd say water is a popular item. It is sad though that people are paying the money for bottled water when they could have stored their own. At any rate, I'm glad people are making these last minute preps.

-- Diane (, December 30, 1999.

My wife & I dropped by our Salem, Oregon Costco to pick up a few odds & ends. I can honestly say that I have never seen such a crowd...even during Christmas shopping. We had to wait a few minutes just to get an available cart.

Coming home we noticed many long gas lines...

-- Owen Youngblood (, December 30, 1999.

In the suburban Atlanta area, gas stations very busy all day but not really long lines. Bottled water and canned goods are the big deal at the grocery stores. My pharmacist just shook his head and said he's glad tomorrow is a half day for him. But there are still batteries and groceries on the shelf. Have felt like an island among the many many DGI's in my area. Even now, not sure how many have caught on. Well as they say heah in the South, tomorrah is anotha day. On a serious note, I've mostly lurked here for some time and didn't realize how important the knowledge of fellow GIs was until it went away. So glad you're back. Thanks to Ed, sysops, and all the regulars.

-- nanook911 (, December 30, 1999.

went to the clarks do it center in columbia maryland today to get my popane filled the man said he has been backed up for three days people were still dropping off tanks as i was their .The store has been talked about because it has all the y2k items you will find , things was being brought quick ,long lines sheeple talking i felt upset because us that have been stocking for a year or more have been laugh at now we can rest and wait.

-- gene (, December 30, 1999.

Have to chime in with nanook911. I too live in the suburban Atlanta area. I do have a few friends who are GI's. Most are not. Thank the Lord, my wife is a recent GI convert. She was a major help and inspiration at Costco's the other day! We saw lots of serious GI's there. But here in GA things are quite laid back. i think alot of people are going to be shocked how serious this thing is. Finally, I too missed this forum very much while it was down. Thanks Ed, Greenspun and others for the time, inspiration and information. I think we're in for a very "INTERESTING" weekend

-- tracy haynes (, December 30, 1999.

I was in Sam's early this morning. Few people and very few preping. The store was nearly fully stocked. I have been in Albertson's and Kroger this week and fully stocked and very few preping. Was in Wal- Mart this afternoon and did see a whole pallet of water jugs going out the door. It was not clear if it was purchased or a vendor but it was going out the front door so I assume it was purchased. Blue 55 gal water barrels available, but most sold over last two weeks.

Was in a huge Super Wal-Mart across town yesterday and saw several preping, but I bought one of four Coleman duel fuel two burner stoves! Plenty of Coleman fuel and propane. I did see a pickup truck with four of the blue 55 gal water barrels leaving the store.

More people than usual in gas stations, but no crowds. Few people in the two banks I was in today. People are preping, but not a lot and no crowds. Central MS. It has been very warm here, 50s to 70s in afternoon and 30s and 40s at night so that is probably one reason so much of everything is available.

My thanks to Ed, Phil, and everyone here. I have learned many things and the sense of community has been good for my peace of mind. Thanks everyone!

-- ds (, December 30, 1999.

Hi, all,

I'm in SE Michigan; I haven't been out much today, but my brother just called from LA (@ 8pm in Mich.) -- said he'd been to many grocery stores in his area; no water left at any until the last one he visited, which had just a few jugs left.

-- eve (, December 30, 1999.

Hi Mike,

here in Quebec, eastern counties of Montreal, small town of 50k, shelves at Canadian Tire store and Rona (equivalent of Home Depot) have been steadily depleated of large water containers, propane, gas containers etc. each time I went, no big noticable Y2K preps from people, but today there definitely was. I was at the bank this afternoon for last minute cash withdrawals and account printouts, and the lines both inside the bank and at the ATM were very long (people discussing Y2K and making nervous jokes in the ATM line also.) I topped off the car with gas also today, and although there weren't long lines, all the gas stations on the long main drag were very busy.

I got the impression today that GI's were doing just like me, doing their last minute preps and the rest of the herd who never GI'd didn't change their routines. Plenty of bread/cheese/milk at the corner store too, and it's been snowing heavily for the past two days. But hey, I'm in Quebec, poeple don't panic over anything here ;-)

Stay safe Mike, and have a nice party tomorrow.

-- Chris (, December 30, 1999.

Report from Western Wyoming:

WalMart and K-Mart: camping sections - totally bare shelves ... Pharmacy section - vitually bare of OTC's and supplements, first aid supplies ... Paper goods - no a single roll of TP or paper towels ... small food section - barren

The (3) Grocery stores - police are having to direct traffic into and out of parking lots ... shelves are emptying out fast, even frozen food and fresh meats.

The (2 out of 5) Gas stations ran out of fuel today ... others have lines extending for a block.

Farmer's Co-op ran out of diesel just before closing time.

No a drop of lamp oil, kerosene, or heating oil left in the county. Fuel pellets are getting scarce - probably gone by tommorrow. Coleman stove fuel is almost gone, only one place that I know of has any left ... and they only have 5 gallons on hand.

-- hiding in plain (sight@edge of.nowhere), December 30, 1999.

My guess is what we are seeing is that people that live in areas like So. Cal., etc., that have recent expeience with natural disaster, are more inclined to prep.

In Ventura, have seen lots of carts loaded with water, tp, batteries, candles... the first few days after the Landers quake those were the worst to come by..

-- Carl (, December 30, 1999.

i was stunned. nothing much going on where i am here in Northern VA. no gas lines. no crowded stores. lets see if they go tomorrow. procrastinators. i honestly am going to take pictures for posterity. some day when i meet mr. right and he and i are 80, we can look at those pictures and i can say, "hunny, do you remember those good old days of the depression of 2000."

-- tt (, December 30, 1999.

Mason, Ohio 30 mile NE of Cincinnati:

No signs of any problems.

Gas stations no lines and prices lower than before Christmas $1.299/reg to $1.459/gal for premium.

Kroger well stocked only two check out lines open and short line.

No line no problem at Fifth Third Bank.

WEIRD, and ideas why some areas seem to be experiencing a rush while others are not?

-- Bill P (, December 30, 1999.

I live about 60 miles south of Reno, NV. Went to the local grocery store today for special dinner items and a few last minute preps about noonish. The store was crowded, but not any more so than before any holiday. However, my hubby went BACK to the store about an hour ago (6ish) and the water isle was EMPTY and there were gas lines at every station in town. Reminds me of New England before a blizzard (I'm originally from Connecticut). Everyone knows the storm is coming, but they wait until the last possible minute to pick up milk and bread.


-- Pam (Ready as@we can, December 30, 1999.

Greetings from the Kansas City area.

In this area the average person is not preparing or only preparing minimally. 1# propane bottles started to disappear from store shelves last week and by now maybe you could find some but you'd really have to hunt for it. Still plenty of the cheap kerosene lamps made in China.

In the grocery stores the hot sellers seem to be bottled water and toilet paper. Only in one of the discount grocery stores have I seen any empty shelves, with canned meats and canned green beans seeming to be the hardest hit. In Sam's Club, still plenty of rice although they were stripped of propane earlier this week. I don't think the average person will buy the kinds of things that people on this forum would, at least not until there is no alternative and then reluctantly.

A surplus store in the area which advertises Y2k on TV was featured on a couple of local TV news shows but when I went down to check it out their only real shortage was in wind-up radios and flashlights.

Drove by a convenience store an hour ago which has 16 pumps and only one car was getting gas. Gas prices have been stable over the last week or so at $1.14 to $1.18

I am revising my expectations from a general buying panic in this area to no real panic at all. Maybe it would happen if bad things start happening in the Pacific and Asia tomorrow morning, but I don't expect that to happen.


-- Mikey2 (, December 30, 1999.

Gas lines starting here in Dallas this afternoon. Went to Wal-mart, flashlights are almost gone, batteries are going fast. Every cart had water in it. Most had only a gallon. If the water system goes, many will be thirsty in less than a day.

Albertsons was packed, which is very unusual. Lots of meats and perisables going out the door. If the juice is knocked out, then that won't last. I think some people are finally getting it, but they are clueless on what to get for preparations.

We will see, just eight hours now till 2000 at the dateline.... Let us all pray. Take care all and my God bless you in the days to come.

-- ohboy (, December 30, 1999.

Central georgia, went to Wal-Mart tonight for more dog and cat food, more cold medicine and aspirin. Water is all but gone, a few cases of liter bottles. Toilet paper scarce, all the big packs were gone. Heard lots of people talking about preparing. All of it pretty much the same "it doesn't hurt to prepare" stuff. Found it interesting.

Hope gas stations are not lined up in the morning. That is when I will top mine off.

I have to work tomorrow from 9:00 am until 1:00 am the following morning. I am in tech support for network software, and we know one version of our product is doomed. I was amazed today at how many people are doing their upgrades today. Expect more of the same tomorrow.

I wish all of you a very uneventful roll-over!


-- Dian (, December 30, 1999.

Big City reports: Some downtown office buildings erect temporary fencing around their buildings. Ghost-town atmosphere downtown. All parking banned for the organized "celebrations". Also, announcement by the police of no-tolerance policy for alcohol during the celebration, not even champagne. Gonna be some party huh? In oakland, no change, jack-booted motorcycle cops still giving jaywalking tickets to middle-aged middle-class caucasian women who DARE to cross the street outside the unmarked crosswalks! In berekely, the supermarkets are PACKED! In New York City, 8000 cops ready to rumble in Times Square. Signed, Hiding Under the Bed Until New Years Day

-- INever (, December 30, 1999.

Weird how some parts of the country are hopping and others are downright sedate. Anyone got a map of chem-trail locations handy that we can overlay with the above reports? I don't know what the heck is up with chem-trails (real/not real/half-real??) but I am kind of curious to see if anything shakes out...


-- TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), December 30, 1999.

Des Moines Iowa: At the grocery store today. Shelves stock to the walls and no shortage of anything. The store barely had any shoppers, and the employees couldnt figure out why they didnt have more shoppers. Drove by two gas stations and not a car at any of the pumps. Lots of cars driving around, and the weather was great too.

-- Suzy (, December 30, 1999.

Toronto, Canada: Large local IGA spermarket [owner/manager is a GI, and has stocked to the hilt, as much out of humanity as business acumen] just laughed when I asked him how his Y2K sales were. "Nobody's touching the canned food, but I don't care. I'm making a fortune on bottled water - good markups, too! They're buying it almost as fast as the trucks can deliver it!"

Heard that local Canadian Tire stores [which are BIG] in the Toronto area largely sold out of 5 gallon read gas cans yesterday [this from an eager seeker who had unsuccessfully toured a number of them] and that COSTCO was virtually selling water by conveyer - the trucks were offloading it only just in time to keep up with the demand in the store.

Otherwise, the number of happy faces, blissfully ignorant, round and about the city appears to remain the same.

Had one annoyed believer tell me today that his help "came from above", though :)! Guess he won't even be getting bottled water!

-- John Whitley (, December 30, 1999.

Wow! I need an editor!

Can't believe the number of typo's in that post!

Just wasnted to reassure y'all that Y2K hasn't driven me to drink...:)

-- John Whitley (, December 30, 1999.

Wow! I need an editor!

Can't believe the number of typo's in that post!

Just wanted to reassure y'all that Y2K hasn't driven me to drink...:)

-- John Whitley (, December 30, 1999.

Chattanooga TN: Walmart last night, no rush, shelves full, no lines. Plenty of everything. Sams Club: Not very busy. Plenty of water, no big purchasers noticed. Home Depot: Generators of every size, 10000Watt to 1500watt, they had more in stock than I have ever seen. Plenty of brands, all sizes. At the door they had large 4foot tall Propane tanks for sale. There were no big lines, nobody stocking up. My wife keeps getting mad a me because at every gas station we pass I keep saying; "Wow! Look at those lines!" She gets mad because there are no lines... Chattanooga TN. will not suffer any Y2K related problems because nobody is stocking up...Sorry for all you other cities. (Public Opinion does determine the future doesn't it?)

-- David DuPre (, December 30, 1999.

Careful TECH32, those type of statements end-up in Y2K's posts. (vbg)

-- gary (, December 31, 1999.

SW Washington state. I was in a local discount type sporting goods store this afternoon. Many people buying camping equipment. Stoves, laterns, water containers, propane bottles, large and small canisters. Lots of preps being purchased. Stopped at a local BP to buy gas and fill propane tank. We had to wait in line behind several people to fill the propane. The guys working there told my husband that they had run out of propane in the large tank 4 times today and were just about out again! They were expecting the truck again at any time. Not long lines at the gas pumps but every pump was being used. It is not usually like this here. Best of luck everyone.

-- star (, December 31, 1999.

mercer county, 60 miles north of pittsburgh, pa

stores full today, no one preping, just buying groceries for the holiday.

no tp, no peanut butter, no milk, bottled water ok, canned goods ok.

local walmart out of propane , bottled water ok, few camp stoves, no kero heaters, no 5gal gas cans.

thats what is happening in NW PA.


-- al (, December 31, 1999.

My local Safeway in mainland Britain is heaving with people, queueing to get into the car park, at the ATM's and the petrol station. Dunno what they're buying (what, you think I was GOING there?)

-- Servant (_@_._), December 31, 1999.

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