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Been lurking here for, I guess a year now, I have limited my posts to but two and they were very far apart. It has been really interesting and informational reading all of the posts and conversations. I am closing up shop at work (a state Gov't Treasury) and I will leave and not be back until after the rollover. For all on whichever side, Polly and Doomer (and SYSOP); I wish all of you a very safe and (hopefully) uneventful New Year. May each of your preparations plentiful and your expectations be respectfully realized. I now go to the country to reunite with my family and our preps.

God Bless and good luck (a voice from the meek and prepared)

-- Ty (, December 30, 1999


the meek shall inherit the earth"

-- d...... (, December 30, 1999.

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