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Canada police raid bunker of Y2K doomsayer Updated 4:59 PM ET December 30, 1999 HORNING'S MILLS, Ontario (Reuters) - Bruce Beach, a doomsayer who buried 42 school buses and turned them into a bunker in which to survive any disaster, was reorganizing it Thursday after it was raided by Canadian police and firefighters. The 66-year-old Beach, a retired school teacher and expert bomb-shelter builder, said authorities "put the kibosh on" his bunker for seven hours Wednesday in what he said was a search for weapons and explosives. No charges were laid. "I call this Waco north up here, easier times and the friendly Canadian version...they came down here, I didn't have any guns and they didn't shoot me," said Beach, who is trying to proof his steel labyrinth of buried buses for his family and guests in time for New Year's Eve when the Y2K bug arrives. About 40 police and firefighters, 10 cruisers, and one dog arrived in the rural Ontario hamlet where Beach lives built his bunker. The police were escorting the fire department, said police spokesman Walter Kolodziechuk. According to Beach, the fire department questioned the safety of his bunker. "That's the whole idea of it...people are only coming in here if there's a nuclear war or electricity goes out, because it's better than out there," Beach said. Beach said that as a young U.S. soldier in the 1960s he inspected missile launch sites and had "first-hand experience of a nuclear threat, and (got) prepared." He said he built his first bunker in 1964 in Kansas and later had a hand in constructing more than 20. But he said he now only owns the one built with buses near his house in Horning's Mills, about 100 miles northwest of Toronto. He started buying and burying the buses in the early 1980s, a decade after he fled to Canada in fear of landing in a U.S. camp for social agitators, he said.

-- C (, December 30, 1999

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