FBI Sweep in U.S.

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"FBI Conducts Terror Links Sweep"

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- The FBI today questioned people in several states about possible links to a suspected terrorist, and some were arrested or detained on immigration charges, law enforcement officials said."

"The officials said the sweep covered major cities across the country from New York to Dallas and was prompted by information suggesting the individuals might know something about Ahmed Ressam, an Algerian arrested in Washington state on explosive smuggling charges."

"The officials, speaking only on condition of anonymity, said people have been arrested or detained on civil immigration violations in New York and Massachusetts and others have been questioned in Texas, Washington state and California."

``These are generally people who are identified in some way as possibly having information about Ressam,'' one official said."

"The officials declined to say where the information came from that prompted the questioning. Earlier in the day, FBI Director Louis Freeh met with top Canadian and intelligence officials to ``ensure continuing close coordination on law enforcement and intelligence issues.''

``While no specific development prompted today's meeting, these continuing high level discussions reflect the importance both countries place on seamless law enforcement and intelligence efforts relating to Y2K and terrorism issues,'' the FBI said in a statement."

"A New York City-federal Joint Terrorist Task Force announced four arrests today in Brooklyn. Mayor Rudolph Guiliani said they ``do not involve any specific threat to the city.''

"The law enforcement officials said the questioning was linked to Ressam, who was arrested in Seattle with a car loaded with bomb-making materials earlier this month."

``This is an effort by the FBI primarily, with other law enforcement agencies, basically to get information from anybody who may have any connection to Ressam,'' one official explained."

"Earlier today in Burlington, Vt., federal prosecutors said a Canadian woman arrested at a border post in Vermont was linked to the same cell of an Algerian militant organization as Ressam."

"The prosecutors described the link in their request that a magistrate continue to deny bail for Lucia Garofalo until her trial on immigration charges. Magistrate Jerome Neidermeier granted the request late this morning."

-- Deb M. (vmcclell@columbus.rr.com), December 30, 1999


Yep, I heard a guy on the radio in CA whos front door was illegally bashed in and his home ramsacked based on "a tip". His attorney photographed the interior, then went outside to photo all the cop cars and unmarked vehicles, but got stopped then and threatened to be charged at the point with "blocking an investigation".

-- Hokie (va@va.com), December 30, 1999.

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