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Its moving right along. There were 5 different articles in the local paper today. Just south of Seattle.

Stock up now, experts advise

By Judy Ronningen

Journal Reporter

Attention, procrastinators: Stop addressing those late Christmas cards and start preparing for Y2K.


Experts say you should have three day's worth of water, food, batteries and other supplies in case there are computer problems starting Saturday. Some even suggest a week's worth of supplies.

In other words: You have only two days to stock up, only two days to find your sleeping bag and see if that old camp stove still works.

Here, thanks to the Bellevue Emergency Preparedness Division, is what you need if there are Y2K problems:

Water: One gallon per person per day. Well-washed gallon milk jugs or two-liter pop bottles make good containers and are cheaper than buying bottled water. Or have water purification tablets or a water purifier.

Food: Have some ready-to-eat canned or packaged meats, fruits and vegetables, along with soups, canned milk and juices. Include high energy food such as trail mix and ``comfort foods'' like canned puddings and candy. Don't forget a manual can opener.

Medications and first aid: Be sure to have three to seven days' supply of any prescription medications. Other helpful supplies include aspirin, laxatives, anti-diarrhea medication, antiseptic and a basic first-aid kit.

Energy sources: For light, flashlights and batteries or glow sticks are recommended; candles aren't because of fire danger. For heat, safe sources include wood for a fireplace, warm blankets and sleeping bags.

Propane heaters or kerosene-powered camp stoves shouldn't be used indoors because the fumes can be deadly.

Cash: Have a little extra cash -- what you'd take out for a long weekend, Washington Mutual Bank suggests -- in case computer glitches affect ATMs or credit card use.

Gas: Fill your vehicles' gas tanks.

Miscellaneous: Have a battery-powered radio; toilet paper, paper plates and plasticware, and feminine supplies. Also soap, plastic bags and a plastic bucket with a tight lid.

Don'ts: Please don't call 911 to see if it's working or to report power outages, emergency services officials say.

-- Martin Thompson (, December 30, 1999


Recipe for panic?

-- Hokie (, December 30, 1999.

Saw the same article. Driving home, heard the drivel by AAA about "Don't top off. Half a tank is enough."

Yeah, right (two positives = one negative).

-- Phread (, December 30, 1999.

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