How to play the VCD in my PC continuously : LUSENET : Video CD : One Thread

I am able to play the VCD thru my PC. I have bunch of files in the directory . Once the file is done i got to go and click the next sequential file to play it. I want to know how do i play it continuously . Is there any software


-- Govindaraj Sridhar (, December 30, 1999


Xing: MPEGPlayer $30.00

Cyberlink: PowerDVD $45.00, PowerPlayer $30.00, CDWizard $35.00

-- The Lone Ranger (, December 30, 1999.

With Xing MPEG Player, you need to choose Open VCD instead of Open File. That way it will play the DAT files sequentially. But you will have no slider for time, etc.

-- Rusman Priyana (, December 31, 1999.

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