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So does anyone know where a copy of the Cindy Flux Pepsi Ad exists?

If you ask me, the fact that the Superbowl and Pepsi pulled the ad a few years ago is symptomatic of the scourge which is the current Pepsi spokes-creature.

Anyhoo, I reall want to see that commercial. Old links to the production company no longer function (and I've never found the ad in 3 years of looking).

-- Khal Shariff (, December 30, 1999


I was surfing the net yesterday and I'm kinda new to the net, so I don't know if I'm giving you the right info or what but anyways I ran across the pepsi ad, you can find some info about it at if that doesn't work go search for Colossal Pictures Site. Good Luck

-- (, February 13, 2000.

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