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Guys (or Gals), as you three seem most in touch w/the oil industry (I really appreciate your threads), will you be posting situation reports of the oil industry starting with the rollover? Somehow, I think that the mainstream media might not be fully reporting, and your information seems more credible and timely. And yes, this is my real e-mail address.

-- James (, December 29, 1999



I think we are all hoping for as many factual sitreps as possible. And I am counting on the "Oil Boys" among us to report in. Oil is the wildcard: Its status can change everything.

-- semper paratus (, December 29, 1999.

I have a feeling much information will be cut off during the actual events. I'm hoping that the feeds from Dow Jones, Telerate, Reuters, and others will be available.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to post unless I'm at home (work network will be closed tighter than a drum). Seems all this crap about cyber attacks has got everyone on pucker factor five in IT, which is amazing considering how lethargic these assholes have been in regard to Y2K.

In any event, I will be keeping a close eye on many things around the globe and will definitely post an update when and if I can get home. Things may get pretty intense if shit starts to go south.

The information I'll be recieving at work will be better than anything I could get on the web, and while I won't share anything strategic, I will definitely let you know which way the wind is blowing when I get home.

I must say at this time, I have enjoyed all of you and your comments. It has made this chaotic time a little easier to bear. I am deeply afraid of the outcomes that are possible here as we begin the roll.

I know that my own industry has been vigilant in some areas and lax in others. This may have profound consequences for all of us. I deeply hope that I'm wrong. I wan't to be wrong more than anything for the first time in my life.

I will do my best to give you good information. Good luck to all of you as we roll forward.

-- Gordon (, December 29, 1999.


You may be able to e-mail your reports to a trusted person to post here if you don't have web access from your office.

-- Interested Spectator (is@the_ring.side), December 29, 1999.


I certainly appreciate your posts to date. If I am offline for awhile, I want you and RC and Downstreamer to know that your tips have made a tremendous impact on my preps, and so my longterm survival. Really this goes for all you luggs! Anyway, any future info you're comfortable with sharing would be icing:)

-- Hokie (, December 29, 1999.


Gordon's post is right on target. I agree with him regarding available information. I think it may be hard to come by early on.

I am concerned about dirty power as much as blackouts as a result I'll be shutting down for the rollover and will be unavailable for an indeterminate period.

If and when I can get back and get up and running I'll try to post any relevant info that comes my way. I do not think I'll get very much contact from my personal contact sources though for quite some time after rollover. I think they'll all be too busy to talk and perhaps too afraid to talk if it is really bad. That assumes the phones will work too. IF its not bad at all and they're seeing few problems on rollover then I would hope to file a report then also. Frankly, although I've finished remediating my system, I'm not sure I got all the fixes. IF not, I may not be able to get back up for quite a while. Good luck to you.

-- RC (, December 29, 1999.


thanks for the quick response. By all means, don't give away any trade secrets (well, if you must, I won't complain). Guess what we're looking for is more of a heads-up than anything else. Having lived in Asia and Africa (where electricity and gas are iffy at most times) and through the energy crisis (74 & 79) I can do with reductions (but don't wanna do without) for a limited time.

-- James (, December 29, 1999.


Also, thanks for the quick response. Guess we'll see what we see.

-- James (, December 29, 1999.

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