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From Bloomberg News:

12/29 6:54 Russian Oil Tanker Runs Aground and Breaks, Spills Oil Off Coast of Turkey By Yalman Onaran

Russian Oil Tanker Breaks in Two in Marmara Sea (Update1)

(Updates with information on size of tanker and number of crew.)

Istanbul, Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) -- A Russian oil tanker with 15 crew members aboard split in two after running aground during a storm in the Sea of Marmara, the Turkish coast guard reported.

The 4,365 tonnes of fuel oil aboard the 3,650 ton ``Volgoneft 248'' was leaking from the wreck but would be contained by floating booms, coast guard officials said.

AND THEN THIS HEADLINE FROM BLOOMBERG --- Crude Oil Steady as Venezuela Says It Won't Ask OPEC to Lift Output Limits Crude oil was little changed near a nine-year high amid mixed signals of whether Venezuela will pump more oil to help fund its recovery from floods and landslides this month. More...

That headline was from earlier this morning...

Where's Gordon or Downstreamer?? Comments?? OR comments on the Exxon Mobil Y2K problems...OR the Louisiana refinery Kerosene/Jet Fuel shutdown??

-- RC (, December 29, 1999


Was that the same storm that went through France and Romania yesterday? France had 2 big oil slicks to deal with after the Christmas week.

Re: Venezuela - I am betting they won't ask to raise production limits because they CAN'T raise production. Between landslides and government upsets and tankers in the harbor filled to the tippy-top with stockpiled crude, I don't think they have any room left to increase production. Just one opinion, tho. I'd like to see what the experts think.

-- Margaret J (, December 29, 1999.


Good points... and yes the Russian tanker was caught in that same storm from what I gather. I would love to hear more on the news wires about Venezuela also.

-- RC (, December 29, 1999.

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