Well, Who is using this as an alternate to the Timebomb 2000 Forum

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Just wondering...?? Or is there another place where we could meet...???

-- STFrancis (STFrancis@heaven.com), December 29, 1999


Hang on. There's only one more day until we start hearing what's going on overseas, and then I think the pollys will be too busy to bother us any more.

-- Steve Heller (stheller@koyote.com), December 30, 1999.

STFrancis: I am just a lurker(but a GI lurker!). But I will be monitoring Steve's site for as long as it stays up. Steve ,I hope you ( I should say "we") have more luck than the others.

-- Neil G.Lewis (pnglewis1@yahoo.com), December 29, 1999.

I'm here...lurking as usual...

-- Kris Gandillon (krisg@y2kactiongroup.org), December 29, 1999.

Just checking in. Maybe this will be up for a week or two. :)

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (dtmiller@midiowa.net), December 30, 1999.

I think we should spread the word and see if we can get others over here.



-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), December 30, 1999.

I am grateful to be here. I just cannot stand having to rely on the main stream media.

Bill in South Carolina

-- Bill Solorzano (notaclue@webtv.net), December 30, 1999.

Yo! Got here via Mike and the chat room. Seems that is our current "net" to ferry between the various forums.

Drop in and talk a while.

I'll keep looking here.

-- Ynott (Ynott@incorruptible.com), December 30, 1999.

I found it...0715 EST. anyone else here?

-- Billy Boy (Rakkasan101st@aol.com), December 30, 1999.

Checking in, the two other alternate forums seem pretty dead. Have gotten used to fast paced mornings at Tbomb. Hope more make it over here.

-- Tiara (sorceress5@hotmail.com), December 30, 1999.

Found it - but methinks that Phil will shut it down as soon as he realizes it is picking up traffic and is y2k related... I would bet he's had enough of us :~

-- Bob (bob@bob.bob), December 30, 1999.

I am here. Just lurking around. Glad to see some activity. There is a pretty good board at tickticktick.com. The traffic there is light. I think that if this goes down, we should try to find a board like this so that the wrath of greenspun cannot touch us.

just a thought

-- mwallace (mwallace@grede.com), December 30, 1999.

I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere.

-- Amy Leone (leoneamy@aol.com), December 30, 1999.

I'm a very long time TB2000 lurker and am glad to be able to find my way here. Thanks Steve.


-- herrick Kimball (herrickkimball@sprintmail.com), December 30, 1999.

I'm here. I sure would like to see us all in one SAFE Place. Synthesized!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- (karlacalif@aol.com), December 30, 1999.

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