Where is the documentation on the reputed "National Security" silence imposed on some businesses?

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I need documentation for this though I vaguely remeber reading something about the imposed silence in the press over a year ago.

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Many of the industries are hamstrung by National Security Laws which the Clinton Admistration has imposed due to Y2K. For instance, anyone in the Chemical Industries (literally tens of thousands of plants) who passes on Y2K status information can be put in jail. In fact, ANYONE who even talks about the Y2K vulnerability of that industry as related to a specific plant can be arrested. Banking....also has laws forbidding it from disclosing true information. I believe many of the folks who would like to pass on insider information are holding back for fear they'll end up in the clink for a decade or so. It's really a sweet deal for Clinton.

-- Brenda C. Jinkins (bjinkins@midsouth.rr.com), December 29, 1999


The regulation regarding the release of information about chemical plants is here. Exactly what it means is apparently the subject of some dispute.

-- Steve Heller (stheller@koyote.com), December 29, 1999.

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