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Went to do some last minute preps because ya'll scared the crap out of me yesterday. There is very little propane, no cheap campstoves, only expensive water, few gasoline containers and NO trash cans?! Everyone at Sam's at 8:00 tonight was stocking up, as well as WalMart although not as much. Still no gas lines and Sam's gas was DOWN from yesterday, it's at $1.10. Everywhere we went people gave us funny looks, if not made jokes about us, I hope they're right but I doubt it.

I read an article in today's Houston Chronicle re: the Prez.'s Y2K bunker. Seems the computers failed the Y2K rollover testing last month, but they were quick to assure that they passed the next one, I LOL in Starbucks.

-- Mia (, December 29, 1999


There were trash cans at the Walmarts in Missouri City and Richmond. And Court True Value in Stafford, kerosene was available as well as lime. Good Luck

-- quietly (, December 29, 1999.

Well, well, well. The herd is finally moving. And look, they have a whole day left!


-- mar (, December 30, 1999.

Talked to a lady today that was totally amazed at what she saw at the grocery today...she said to me " can you imagine spending $274 dollars on groceries????????? I had to bite my lip.....Just said no, that would be alot of groceries.

-- Moore dinty Moore (, December 30, 1999.

Did that lady mean spending 274.00 on groceries per month or one trip? LOL. I normally spent around 800.00 a month so that would be no biggie for me. Maybe she was on Social Security..and watched her pennies.

-- Cassandra (, December 30, 1999.

The Herd has moved in the Kansas City area... did some surveying of various stores in the northern parts of KC... Walmarts are cleaned out on any camping type stoves... Entire aisle of flashlights GONE! Cleaned out. Water GONE... Supermarkets...Bread GONE.. Water GONE... Remarkably... batteries still plentiful. BEANS and rice gone at one selections at another. In one store I heard 5 differnt groups of people talking about Y2K preps...were nervously talking. Gasoline is still not a problem. Prices are at $1.13-$1.17 for unleaded regular. Convenience chain has no supply problem, yet. We're locked and loaded here.

-- anon (anon@kcmo.gom), December 31, 1999.

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