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I've been around here for awhile. When I started, there was an occasional post by those that wished to FLAME this community. It was no big deal. We all dealt with it in a positive manner...

Today, I've seen an escalation.

I would like to suggest that those that would normally consider the "doomers" to be the ones wallowing in fear and anticipation of death are in fact the TRUE fearful ones on this turf. These might be:  (Doomers@suck.big time!!) (Lead spammer)  You Knowwho (  Y2K Pro (  Andy Ray (  Laura (

My message to them is simple and fair. Let us alone. If you want to have some real fun.. join the newsgroup at alt.y2k.end-of-the-world... I really think that is a place you'll find more to your taste... feel free to email me if you need help getting there... (

No big deal... just let me and the small crowd of others enjoy this board in peace... thanks!


-- Noswad (, December 29, 1999

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