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As an AVON representative, I usually process 2-3 credit card purchases a week. The procedure we follow is to call an 800 number and at the prompt, punch in card number, expiration date and the amount. We are then given an approval code to write on the credit card slip. Today, after trying to get a customers purchase taken care of, I kept getting put into an endless loop. Rather then getting an approval code, I would again be asked for the card number. I was told by AVON that it was an "intermitant computer problem that could not be fixed until after the 1st" Seems like a Y2K problem to me. Very inconvenient.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (, December 28, 1999


Well I was just at luv's truck stop trying to use the pay at the pump system with my credit card too. I kept getting the message that said please insert card then followed by press payment key...process terminated. Now, I have done this a million times before and I have never had trouble with it except for tonight. When I went in and asked what the problem was the sales lady said..It's the computers...I asked if she knew when it would be working again and she just laughed. Oh well. Guess this could be anything really. Doesnt' mean Y2K...or does it?

-- sally (, December 28, 1999.

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