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Just bought one of these small black cat coleman heaters---are these safe indoors, like the box says? ANyone try these out yet?

-- Jess (, December 28, 1999


Hi Jess, I bought a Black Cat Propane Heater after seeing a topic on Michael Hyatt's forum. I did call Coleman and they said yes, they are safe for indoors. I would suggest having a carbon monoxide alarm/ detector in your home. One more thing - the Black Cat does give off somewhat of an oily discharge the first time that you use it. We christened our about two weeks ago. You will use three small propane cylinders if you were to use the Black Cat continuously for 24 hours. Hope this helps. FYI, Coleman also make another model called a Top Cat Propane Heater which can also be used indoors. The only difference that I noted is the Top Cat is slightly cheaper. Make sure you have enough propane.

-- Ruth Edwards (, December 28, 1999.

I just bought a Coleman Dura Cat. Soon to be testing..

-- Mabel (, December 30, 1999.

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