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I hope my last message did get thru as I am wanting this book to be restored The Bells I had said before in my last message to you my self being a poet and writer, historian film maker, and by trade a Private Detective I woud like to meet others who would care to e-mail me your thoughts on E A Poe , my wife is from NYC and I am in the city of New York from time to time and read poetry in the village, and was hoping I could meet others who love E A Poe ,my works are in the Poets House in NYC and could meet sometime this summer at the Poets House and talk poetry and read maybe Poe's work in the village sometime .......I was born 100 years after Poe s death 1949 in the same season as him and feel really contacted to him as a writer and poet I share some family story lines as him and would really enjoy to meet other who can share the life of E A Poe and his works .....I am now living in a culture sometimes lacking remote part of the midwest and would like to be a pen pale or e-mail pal to others on Poe ....Rob

-- Anonymous, December 28, 1999


-- Anonymous, February 06, 2001

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