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If you have yet to prepare for even the three-day storm, stop staring like a deer caught in the headlights! You CAN get some food, water, batteries, candles, etc! If you have to, take a day off, or do it after work, but do SOMETHING to prepare for what YOU think might happen. The most important lesson I learned from Howard Ruff (ah, do my fellow doomers remember those early, pre-Y2K days?) and Gary North...PANIC EARLY before the rest of the crowd. Just as an elememtary precaution...don't load up at only one place, shop around and you'll have fewer questions and worries to deal with about preparations.

-- Mr. Mike (, December 28, 1999


But where can I get 200# of pinto beans?

-- (ohno@mr.bill), December 28, 1999.

-- Mr. Mike

Prepare for what exactly. Get a life!


-- Doug (, December 28, 1999.

Doug, I think I said to prepare for what YOU think might happen. And I can assure you that I have indeed known and seen people totally unprepared for the three-day storms of the '96 blizzard, or Hurricane Andrew. By the way I lead a varied and interesting life, without the need for cheap, throw-away lines to make myself feel superior.

-- (, December 28, 1999.

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