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You forumers know about EVERYthing, so maybe someone can help me on this one.

Hubby has an old Uniden Bearcat 70XLT Handheld Scanner. No manual. Batteries dead as can be.

Went to Radio Shack to get an adapter/charger, got a 12v adapter with a set of little adapter plugs to fit the item. Saleslady said to use the adapter plug with the + side to the mark on the cord plug.

Got it home, plugged the adapter into the wall, plugged the adapter into the Bearcat. Nothing. No sound at all. Turned on/off a couple of times, double checked the outlet (good to go).

Went to Uniden web site for help... none available on that model.

On a hunch, I turned the little adapter plug around so the - side was to the mark, & plugger 'er back into the Bearcat. Turned on the Bearcat and for 3 seconds there was static and 00000.00 on the display plus BATT flashing at the bottom.

I figure this means that the adapter is as it should be, and I have to wait for the batteries to charge to use it. Am I right?

Please help! Thanks.

ps. I'm posting same at the Prep site, so I'll understand if it gets deleted here. I'm just going for the widest possible audience, know?

2:48 pm, EST

-- Arewyn (, December 28, 1999


If batteries are dead, yank them and toss them or they'll leak. I got new nicads for my Bearcat, old beast runs like a champ. Yeah, wait 24 hours for batteries to charge, and it sounds like you plugged the charger in correctly.

Good scanner, won't do trunking, but if that's not your target you'll be fine with it.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), December 28, 1999.

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