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I just heard the Mayor speak, and say that the seatle partys will end at 6PM. WOW! He even mentioned worries of y2k as a reason for the cancelation!! Wow, I guess he has become a GI! Rudy Guliani, OTOH, has stated that celibrations will continue... Hmmm... Your take on this?

-- Crono (, December 28, 1999


It's "Seattle" ya moron. I think you should get a life.


-- Doug (, December 28, 1999.

Just how many times do we have to post the same story today?

-- BiGG (, December 28, 1999.

Living in the PNW I have watched Mayor Schell and Police Chief Norm Stamper take mega heat over WTO and their lack of proper preparation thereof and the world wide news of the terrorist arrest in our state. So my take is that he wants no repeats of lack of preparation or he is toast in this town! IMHO they are covering their butts big time! For this new years at least, I prefer the calm and quiet as long as possible.

-- Sammie (, December 28, 1999.

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