What DCC system to use?

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Hello to you all! Just retired! Completed open Grid benchwork for a HO B&0/Western Maryland interchange (50's-60's) with Coal Mine/120'turntable/Pasenger service etc. Planning future signals & sound.Layout is 15'x 7'-U shape. I have been looking at Digitrax, Lenz,& Northcoast Engineering. Interested in IR and/or Radio controlled. Any input would be appreciated. (Currently have Bachman, Athearn,Proto 2000 loco's and Diesels.)Thanks!

-- Marvin Lester (MarvLester@aol.com), December 28, 1999



Just one more personal opinion. Also look at CVP EasyDCC at http:// www.cvpusa.com/ for an option. When you expand with multiple cabs, multiple boosters, and other options (they do have an excellend radio control as well), then the cost performance will be excellent.

The better choice is really a matter of the features and the methods of the user interfaces that suit you. Try and visit where the different systems are in use and try out the actual systems first. Some have very simple but limited feature interfaces that are easy but restricting. Others have very feature rich and demanding interfaces. The methods of programming and the actual operations controls can be the more important means of making your own decision.

-- Ed McCamey (emccamey@cheerful.com), December 29, 1999.

Ed, Many THANKS for your constructive input re: CVP EasyDCC etc. I will certainly want to take a strong look since I do not want to make any mistakes choosing a "system". What a great "tool" this forum is! I will keep you informed as I move along.

-- Marvin Lester (MarvLester@aol.com), December 31, 1999.

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