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Any thoughts on if vehicles could be rendered useless due to embeds/vehicle computer problems? I have two new cars as my methods of transportation. I also have a dirt bike that I could bring back to life if need be. Should I waste my time tonight fixing the dirt bike or will the cars function properly? All opinions welcome.

Speed Racer

-- Speed Racer (gottago@it', December 28, 1999


Fix te bike. Even if the cars run ok next week, there are other problems on the horizon: If even half the things that have been posted here about oil happen, gas prices will go up enough that many won't be able to afford to drive. Those who have bikes will have access to a mode of transport that uses little gas, and can be pushed to a station easily (sort of) if you run out (just try pushing a car w/ an auto transmission sometime). I myself plan to get a bike soon (I hope).

-- Little Pig (, December 28, 1999.

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