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For basic computer operations what will happen if the Real Time Clock fails. I assume incorrect calculation of time. I also assume the BIOS to be much more important for the operation of the PC than the RTC. Thanks for the help.

-- Slickaroo (, December 28, 1999


Depends on the BIOS. In most cases you can access the CMOS during boot and reset the date to read correctly. You will need to do this ever time you boot the computer. You can download a free fix from most boards. These usually are TSR's and can be problematic. In some cases you can go to the computer manufacturer's WEB site and download a flash upgrade for the BIOS. This is the prefered method. Just be careful when doing the flash, if you loose power or get an interuption while flashing the BIOS your cooked. RTC's fail if your battery dies or they are not Y2K compliant.

-- shockwave (, December 28, 1999.

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