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The TB2000 prep forum is a place where you can share and discuss information which assists people to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves in circumstances where conventional methods are not available or will not work (for whatever reason).

First and foremost, we are focused on Y2K. We expect preparations for handling its impacts to continue in 2000 and, perhaps beyond, adjusted flexibly to current conditions.

Beyond Y2K, a wide range of possible threats to our infrastructure over the coming years require wise preparation by all of us.

It is my opinion that national security and good citizenship (in all countries) have the same long-term goal: the development of resilient, robust and prepared individuals, families and communities. These can withstand a wide variety of threats and challenges, many of which cannot today be foreseen. In a world where a nation's infrastructure can, even today, be crippled by a single well-placed cyberterrorist attack, preparation is not a luxury or the refuge of fringe groups but a simple act of community wisdom. By being prepared, such communities become a vital resource for all.

Whether we personally experience short-term crises beyond our control (hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc) or longer-term challenges to us as individuals and families (extended unemployment, illness, accidents, unexpected community breakdowns), most of us will endure one or more episodes where the advice being given on this forum - if heeded - will make a life-or-death difference to you or those you love.

Though a number of superb books cover much the same ground as the Prep Forum, the suggestion of links to a variety of other common sites on the Net as well as real-time dialogue here provide timely, current advice that no linear publication can meet.

While a wide range of topics are covered, this forum is not designed for partisan political or social commentary. We are not "anti-government", "anti-business" or "anti-anybody." Our aims are humble and practical - "thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" covers it, whatever might be a contributor's own spiritual orientation.

Participants must always recognize that the advice offered here is "without warranty." Proceed at your own risk. Test the advice given for reasonableness before you apply it. You are personally responsible for the consequences of applying any given tip, whether those prove positive or negative. Use your own common sense at all times.

While the Prep Forum sometimes focuses on topics that seem quaint in today's highly technical age, the forum itself is obviously a product of that (this) age. Many of us hold professional positions that are highly technical. Still, the forum more closely resembles talk that used to be common coin in towns and times gone by than it does a high-tech salon - the TB2K Prep Forum is a virtual cracker barrel around which ordinary people have gathered to help one another.

Since you - your skills, knowledge and good-will - are its collective asset, the forum will continue as long and no longer than you participate in it and find it a valuable resource.

I am sure I speak for us all in thanking everyone for what they have offered here.


-- BigDog (, December 28, 1999


The "other" forum is sorta like FastTina, a girl *everybody* knew in high school. Fun to be with. Great for entertainment but now what you want for the long term .

You've done a great job here BD with the information that will help people in the long run. Many are appreciative or the extra work it takes in your life.

Your one of the good guys.


-- Got Info?

-- Greybear (, December 28, 1999.

BigDog: Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to helping others with this prep forum. It has been said that what goes around comes around, and if this is true you certainly have lots of good coming your way.

Hi Greybear. Looks like I'll be lighting that cigar soon :)

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@thanks.BD), December 28, 1999.

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