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What impressions and advice do users have about this intruiging design? Has the problem with fresnels and fitting polaroid backs been solved? Thanks,

-- Mark Nowaczynski (, December 28, 1999


I purchased a Phillips 4X5 in October. I acually held in my hand the Wisner Expedition, Pocket Expedition, Canham, Wista and Arca/Swiss Field. I liked the Arca/Swiss the best followed by the Canham. The Arca/Swiss was a bit heavy and expensive. The Canham was also a bit expensive for me and a little choppy on the focus. Although I have heard that tightening the focus lock a bit aleviates the problem. I had been intrigued by the review of the Phillips in View Camera Magazine and needed to get my hands on one. I ordered the Phillips 4X5 because I knew I could send it back after 15 days (maybe its 21) if I didn't like it. My intention was to bring it to the camera store and compare it with the other two. I never bothered. I still liked the Arca/Swiss Field better, but did not want to spend that much money or carry the more than 6 pounds around.

I am not aware of any polaroid back or fresnel problems. I have used my polaroid back with no problems. I ordered the international back, because the other could not be fitted with a fresnel. It is bright and a joy to focus.

This camera is a bit odd looking, but everything is where it belongs. It also stays where you put it. I especially like the combination bellows and don't have to go to a bag to use my wide angle lens.

If you have any other questions I would be happy to continue to comunicate off line.

-- Paul Mongillo (, December 28, 1999.

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