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Why has our local National Guard increased their inventory from a one (broken) tank and one jeep to three (working) tanks, three jeeps, three armoured personal vehicles, a large bus, two storage/troop type vehicles and a canon? And that's just what we can see in the parking lot. I wonder what's inside the main buildings ? (the big ones without windows). They have added this stuff all within the last three months. Seems like they may be expecting some trouble in this little town of 6000 people.(no near-by big cities, either).

-- Alicia (, December 27, 1999


Cause yawl probably a bunch of trouble makers just waiting for a chance to start up sumthing....

-- Pete Moss (can', December 27, 1999.

They could be expecting trouble, or they could just be getting newer gear from the rapidly-shrinking regular Army. The NG gets the second rate gear after the Army upgrades. NG used to have M-60 tanks, while the Army had the then new M1 tank. Army upgrades to M1A1 and then M1A2, and they gotta do something with the older M1 model.

Since the Army is rapidly shrinking, and is more dependent on the Reserves than ever before, this isn't too suprising.

On the other hand, 3 tanks, 3 APC's isn't enough to control all that much territory, especially if there are no decent sized cities around.

Keep your eyes open though. If those tanks come out to play, it's time to boogie. APC's might come out to beef up and support the cops if things look dicey though.

-- Bill (, December 27, 1999.

What state is that in? I haven't seen much equip here in VA, other than a humvee and 2 white busess, on civie roads. Haven't peeked in the bases.

-- Hokie (, December 28, 1999.

Are you near an interstate or other major through road?

-- pramada (, December 28, 1999.

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