Tecnical Support operation for Compuserve and Gateway on RED ALERT

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My son works for an agency which handles tech support issues for Compuserve, Gateway and AOL. My son has told me that they are being prepared for all out chaos on the 31st.

He handles the Compuserve side of tech support and is VERY concerned over the way this agency is handling the matter (rollover prep). He reports that all tech support are mandated to work during rollover. He also reports that the building is electronically controlled and they have been cautioned that it is highly possible that their systems which control all entrances, exits and fire control/security systems MAY NOT FUNCTION at 12am our time.

Needless to say the kid is scared out of his wits about this ordeal. He has even decided that if things go south that night, he will MAKE a door through the glass if need be and head to the house. For my son to be this shaken about matters would take an extreme amount of skill on someones behalf as he is not stirred by much at all.

His attempts at begging for the night off were completely disregarded. No vacations that day, period. Anyone who does not report is subject to termination without question (by his words). In his words, he expects it to be h*ll unleashed as far as tech support goes. As far as everything else is concerned, he has simply done the math.

Anyway, when I learned of this tidbit, though I am classified a "doomer", it still moved me. I have no idea what they expect to happen as far as his companies predictions; he isn't allowed to talk about much. I do know that his present state of concern has definitely gotten my attention. Heads up folks.

-- Rob (maxovrdrv51@hotmail.com), December 27, 1999


Hmmm.... I use CompuServe for my Internet access, with AT&T Worldnet as the backup. I wonder if should switch sometime in the next day or two...

Actually, I think that the tech support departments in EVERY large ISP and computer company is going to be going through a similar situation. And it will probably get worse on Mon, Jan 3rd when people come back to the office and fire up their computers for the first time...


-- Ed Yourdon (ed@yourdon.com), December 27, 1999.

Got an email from my ISP this very a.m. saying they were still working on some "y2k upgrades", most to be done between 2am and 4am. I guess they didn't know y2k was coming, huh? Or maybe they saved the best for the end?

-- Anita Evangelista (ale@townsqr.com), December 27, 1999.

Honestly Ed, I'm not sure switching would do you any good. Though not an I-net professional I would also imagine that most of the larger providers are having their own demons to contend with.

My local ISP assures me that the system will be up and running; all issues remediated. This of course provided tel co. is not compromised. I still have a waitn' see attitude about it.

I will try and get more info from my son, but I also respect his concern about restricted information. Sure doesn't hurt to try though. Oh BTW, his mother (my ex) is VERY upset at his employer. She is a DWGI and thinks they are being alarmist and over reacting, causing her son total unnecessary grief. I really hope after all is said and done, she was right.

-- Rob (maxovrdrv51@hotmail.com), December 27, 1999.


Some people (your ISP) just have to be led by the hand...LOL.

I hope yours is finalized (and in good order) before then. Good luck to you.

-- Rob (maxovrdrv51@hotmail.com), December 27, 1999.

My brother is a computer engineer for NorTel. He was a polly until I sent him the EEE report. (Jim Lord and GN were kook types and not to be trusted.) He was notified LAST WEEK that his New Year's vacation (to my prepped house) is cancelled and he will work over the weekend. PERIOD!

-- Wm McBride (mcbri29@attglobal.net), December 27, 1999.


I'm at a loss. What is the EEE report ? Thanks.

-- Rob (maxovrdrv51@hotmail.com), December 27, 1999.

We're stuck with GTE for phone; no other option. Don't have much trust in them. Earthlink, hopefully, will be OK. But phones 'n electricity ...

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), December 27, 1999.


I doubt your son works in a building which wont let him out without the 'HAL9000 system' telling him its ok. If he is such a genius he would know this. I worked in some of the most complex datacenters in Manhattan and not a single one couldnt be exited wihout a simple push on a door. This includes Quotron, Dow Jones, Telerate, Bloomberg, Merril Lynch, S.I.A.C. and others.

Besides, if the sh-t hits the fan they WILL just walk away, they arent exactly landing the space shuttle at his job. Give him a hug and tell him to relax a bit.

-- hamster (hamster@mycage.com), December 27, 1999.

The IEEE report he is referring to is at this website . Click on the Year 2000 Technical Information Statement link to see what it is all about.

Also, check out this website to see a personal message from Dale Way, the Chair of IEEE's Y2K Committee.

-- wondering what (it.is.all@about.com), December 27, 1999.


I have no idea whatsoever what type of system it is. All I know is what they are telling their people. I do know that they are sliding glass doors that are opened with a card reader. I tried to get in one night and was held at bay by the bloomin' thing because I have no card. Had to raise security and go through all the beaurocracy to get to my son.

BTW, he is 19 and this is his first job breaking into the computer field. Not a computer engineer yet, but that is his goal. I guess he has to start somewhere.

BTW, a little funny he told me about. He said a lady called him for tech support and as he was walking her through the sequence, he told her to move the mouse over and click on "Network Nieghborhood" and to let him know when she did this. A period of silence passed when he decided to ask her about how she was doing. Her response ? "I did, but it's not doing anything". After a few minutes of discussion and assumning she had followed proper instruction, he discovered that she had actually picked the mouse up off it's pad, placed it on the screen, and was "clicking on it".

He said he thinks he offended her because of his uncontrolled laughter. TRUE STORY ! He said there are times he hates his job but he stays because it makes him feel like a genius.

-- Rob (maxovrdrv51@hotmail.com), December 27, 1999.

Yeah, well, that's tech support. Glad I quit!

-- Mori-Nu (silkenet@yahoo.com), December 28, 1999.

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