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Subject Bernard Llama latest Rambling Sort of a yawner of an essay. Some good points but most certainly no revelations here.

Clip Sort of a yawner of an essay. Some good points but most certainly no revelations here. Y2K will happen. Glitches will occur. No big deal. We're used to delays. We blame technology on most of our problems today. Tommorrow will be no different. The next six days will be remixed drivel from journalists and so-called Y2K experts. Yes, more airlines will reduce flights. Yes, people on this forum will find more creative ways to find so-called subliminal doomer statements from electric company press releases. Yes, perhaps a million Microsoft software items may be considered non-compliant by Jan 1. And finally, some Walmart in buthole, Kansas may run out of water this week. Who cares, close your eyes, use a mental windowing technique to buy you some time over the rollover period and hopefully you''ll wake up on the other side unscathed. Bernard Llama


I was hoping you would wake me up when you get your essay here finished, there may be some substance to it. Who knows? I appreciate your intuitive attempt to describe the future for us, who have families that may depend on this kind of information. You get my "Polly Award" for those 15 stimulating sentences.

Unfortunately, as a seer, your message spoken in soothsaying clintoneese suffers in content and comparison to Ed Yourdons Y2K assessment of the situation.

I can buy Nyquil or Vallium from a local pharmacy. Sorry if any one is offended because I dredged this up. Bad manners and characture Assassination deserve a repeat. What goes around, comes around.

-- robert j. (, December 27, 1999


Is this the same Bernard Llama who recently posted here that he had his food preps and water all finished now, and that it felt so good?

Nothing like covering all the bases, obviously...

-- John Whitley (, December 27, 1999.

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