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In a past thread it was stated that this forum would be shut down on Dec. 31st. I have been through Y2k with most the posters on the forum and would like to make it into the new year with you. If this forum does shut down, is there a place for us to meet. Now is the time to make this decison and let all know.

Someone decide where we will meet, give the URL and keep updating it for the rest of the week for all to see. I really do not want to be on the computer without all you guys.

Also, it seems that if there is going to be any build up of troops such as NG, we will be seeing it this week. Everyone should keep their eyes open for movement. The NG in my community is quiet. Rumor has it that the local TVA plant will have regular TVA police for security.

-- Linda A. (, December 27, 1999


Linda, Linda, Linda Do just set yourself up for the famous "Do you mud Wrestle" question from KOS

-- Polly-Morphic Doomer (, December 27, 1999.

Linda I agree and there was a thread a day ago on this but no consensus was reached.

MIT [Greenspun forums] offline 31Dec99

Rainbow was going to look into setting up a mirror. Any news Rainbow?

-- Interested Spectator (is@the_ring.side), December 28, 1999.

Hey Guys,

We were discussing this one of the other threads. We will be setting up a forum tomorrow on our company website, will provide a URL tomorrow.

-- LZach (, December 28, 1999.


If you wait just a few. KoS will be by and ask if you want to try out OG's stash of dehydrated mud..... Kos will supply the distilled water :-) Have a Happy....

-- Netghost (ng@no.yr), December 28, 1999.


Could you post the URL to the "other" thread you mentioned. Thanks.

-- Interested Spectator (is@the_ring.side), December 28, 1999.

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