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-- (, December 27, 1999


Tucson, AZ

Filled up a new propane tank yesterday at an Exxon station. The attendant reported that he had spent all day filling propane tanks. He asked if we were filling up because of Y2K.

Today, in Sun City West (outside of Phoenix), at a Chevron station, no regular unleaded gas was available.

-- Michael Brownlee (, December 31, 1999.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 18:00 CST

Saskatoon drivers are topping off fuel tanks prior to the rollover, just under 4 hours from now.

Two gas station managers questioned both reported double the normal volume of gasoline dispensed on December 31. Line-ups were observed at several other locations within this City of 250,000 in central Saskatchewan.

Michael Dudar

-- Michael Dudar (, December 31, 1999.

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