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At a shop in town: Two lady clerks, about 40, I talk to them about once a month. One says, "My neighbor keeps telling me to buy bottled water. I keep asking her 'why' and she says 'I don't know. I think it's the y2k thing, but I don't know why.'Why is everyone talking about bottled water?" So we very gently told them. Explained about electricity, fuel, chips, etc. Gave them the short term, Red Cross 5 - 7 days, if nothing happens you can always eat your mistakes, etc. When we were done, she said, "I guess I'm gonna buy bottled water!" To think that all this ignorance could have been avoided by a well mounted service announcement program...a year ago. It just grinds me.

-- Mary (, December 26, 1999


I was in a discount chain today. Buyer's buggy after buggy had marked down Christmas paper, bows and sale toys. I was in shock. Even if Y2K is a hoax or a BITR, apparently, they do not have a clue. Hugh pallet of Dinty Moore can display sitting in center aisle, didn't see and Dinty in buggies. Guess they don't remember the last Hurricane that came through this year. Found out tonight, my Northern BIL is a GI!, had a generator installed, got water, etc! I never said anything to him. Why can't they see and hear?

-- They must be (, December 26, 1999.

Mary, do you mean Gilroy CA? Drove throught there once doing the "mission trail". Bought a *big* box of garlic (the town's pride), gave some to about everyone I knew and *still* had some left! As a matter of fact, I bet if I looked hard enough, I could still find some today. Anyway, Gilroy sounds like a good place to be if things go bad. Thanks for the memory,


-- Someone (, December 27, 1999.

If you ARE in Gilroy, CA, garlic capitol of the world, earthquakes are reason enough to have water, etc.

-- Sheri (, December 27, 1999.

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