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Why are the highest echelons of power in Britain to be assembled in the much criticised "Millenium Dome" in London come New Year's Eve?

What exactly is the significance of this (if any) and why has the cost of building escalated far beyond original projections?

Call me paranoid, but do they know something I don't?

Worried, UK

-- shadow dog (, December 26, 1999



I was just thinking the same thing !!I have a daughter who lives two miles from Greenwich so phoned New Scotland Yard to find out details of the traffic exclusion zones on New year's Eve.I got referred to a pre- recorded message.There are going to be two zones one in central London & the other around Greenwich.Only vehicles allowed in will be utilities,emergency vehicles,cars carrying employees with passes & all cars with disabled badges.This is to minimise traffic accidents & provide easier emergency access.It is hoped that the zones can be withdrawn from about 3am.However it was stated that these arrangements are in place by order of the Home Secretary. Even the Police will not be able to come to work by car !!!

Personally,I think the Dome is a colossal waste of public money & looked cheap & tacky on the TV.

-- Chris (, December 26, 1999.

Speaking of London:

Sunday Times article

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), December 26, 1999.

And still speaking of London....

Giant London Morgue Prepared For New Year's Disasters

By Maurice Chittenden
The London Sunday Times
21st September, 1999

A SPORTS centre with room for up to 1,000 bodies has been set aside as a makeshift mortuary in case of a disaster in London on millennium night.

More than 2m people are expected to line the banks of the Thames to celebrate the arrival of the 21st century. Emergency planners fear many could end up in the river, on purpose or by accident.

One reason the river event, known as Big Time, is being staged is to help divert crowds from Trafalgar Square, the traditional place of celebration.

But the waterside setting has raised safety concerns. Police, fire and ambulance services are to stage a disaster exercise using life- sized dummies in preparation.

Council officers will be paid up to #500 each to be on standby to open the Queen Mother Sports Centre in Victoria as a morgue. In the event of a major civil emergency, bodies will be laid across five badminton courts in the sports hall.

The government is considering closing some of the busiest Thames bridges, or allowing only police, fire engines and ambulances access.

The bridges will be among the best vantage points to see the promised "river of fire" show, a 15-minute firework display just after midnight launched from barges on the Thames. A control centre at Westminster city hall will monitor the crowds using closed circuit television.

Police have been trying to reduce the New Year crowds in Trafalgar Square since 1982, when two women were crushed to death and 193 people injured. In recent years the crowd has dropped from a peak of 120,000 to 70,000. The "river of fire" is intended to attract people away from the square to the Thames embankment.

Nick Raynsford, the minister for London, said: "I want to make it clear that in planning this event safety has been our prime concern."

A spokesman for the Port of London Authority, which will control boats on the Thames, said: "We have to assume the worst, which means not just the expectation that a number of people will be depressed and try to commit suicide or that cults may stage mass suicides, but that far greater numbers of people, sparked by exuberance and too much drink, will jump in for a laugh, not realising how much trouble they can get into."


[A later 'Sunday Express' story, which I've previously posted here, revealed that similar huge mortuaries had been prepared in cities across Britain]

-- John Whitley (, December 26, 1999.

Picture a group of yuppies sitting around a conference table, trying to invent a public relations campaign that would convince people to stay home on New Years Eve.

What do you imagine they would come up with...?

Would it sound much different that what you've been reading in the paper, & hearing on TV, for the last week or so?

-- the spin (just@keeps.spinning), December 26, 1999.

The Dome and The Obelisk (Canary Wharf) are Masonic Symbols, pushed through by the ruling oligarchs in the British Establishment (and at a collosal cost to the taxpayers).

David Icke...

"This brings me to the epicentre of global control at operational level, London. Over the last few years astonishing sums of money have been spent to build the tallest building in Europe. It is the vast glass obelisk known as Canary Wharf in London's redeveloped Docklands area alongside the River Thames. Many Illuminati operations, like the Telegraph Newspaper Group of the elite Bilderberger, Conrad Black, have moved in there.

In Illuminati symbolism and energy manipulation you invariably find the obelisk close to the dome. The obelisk is the symbol of male energy, the dome is the womb, the female. Now look what has happened in London. The British Government under both Conservative and Labour administrations (same thing) have spent the best part of a BILLION pounds to built the vast "Millennium Dome". Where have they placed this grotesque waste of money? On the opposite side of the Thames from the Canary Wharf obelisk.

On the hill above these two Illuminati creations for the Millennium is; the Greenwich Observatory, the zero point of "clock" time to which all linear "time" is related. And the zero time line passes very close to the obelisk and the dome. The Queen of England, head of the reptilian-Illuminati House of Windsor, will apparently be there on Millennium night, just as George Bush and co are in Giza."

for more on this...

-- Andy (, December 27, 1999.

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