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We went over to dear friends in the Monroe, MI area over Christmas and of all the wonderful gifts, one meant the most to me. A simple Thank You. It's the gift that money can't buy and the only one received in the last two years.

I informed our two friends early in 1998 about Y2K and unlike so many of the people that I told, they actually prepared quite extensively and to the best of their ability. They wrote about it in a newsletter that they publish for law enforcement and I'm sure that they mentioned Y2K in discussions with their friends. One will be working over rollover. I know that I've created a domino effect in awareness because of my concern and stubborness. I've, of course, taken alot of "heat" from friends, relatives and acquintances also, so when in leaving their home they said the words, "Thank You", it made all the BS, wacko comments, etc. disappear forever. It has been a thankless job largely. Much easier to do nothing, but be assured that we all have done something to bring sanity to an indifferent, arrogant populace. Please leave your comments....

-- PJC (, December 26, 1999


For all the people that ignored your story over the past 2 years, think of the influence you will have over them if you turn out to be right.

I have warned many people, mostly with indifferent results. I always told them, " Well at some point in time, you are going to remember this conversation." I leave it go at that. The odds are on my side, that come 2000, my influence level with them will increase markedly.

-- gary elliott (, December 26, 1999.

My two brothers will be in Vegas at rollover. What can I say?

-- PJC (, December 26, 1999.

It is neat you received a "Thank you". I have received a couple myself and know the satisfaction of helping anyone who wants help. Let me say that the truest sense of satisfaction I have at this point is that I did not let folks who made me feel STUPID, stop me from continuing on in trying to inform folks.

Being true to yourself and not quitting are the true jewels here. I have a much deeper appreciation of the Old Testament Prophets as well; I am not claiming to be a prophet. I do appreciate the unbelief these men of yore encountered, though.

Trying to turn the herd one "head of cattle" at a time is not the most rewarding experience, INITIALLY. But, we who tried to inform friends and family can at least live with ourselves to this extent--we let them make up their own minds.

We did not let one person's unfavorable response stop us from telling the next person. There is much more comfort for me in this than had I quit trying to say anything after the first rebuff.

Sometimes we think that we did not do a good enough job in explaining things, or we got too emotional about it early on. Yet, we kept at it and got better at it as we went.

As we enter this next phase, the question will be, do we treat those who are coming around at the last minute with disdain and bitterness, or with the same best intentions we had early on? Sure there isn't much time, but have you ever been playing catch-up in your life? Something is better than absolutely nothing. Anyone can still buy a few weeks of food no sweat.

You cannot roll with the punches, if you quit with 2 minutes left! It is very possible that we can actually help if not save more folks NOW than we have in the past year or so! So, rather than berating the last-minute "get-it"s, lets help as much as we can.

Sure, we have had folks make us wonder why we even tried to help them; but, that's what makes us a rare breed. And I am glad that this "rare breed" is prepped enough to play a role in rebuilding things.

We either prepped to help and assist, or to hide and be glad we are not in bad shape. I am sure that as things play out, some of us will realize we have vital roles to play AFTER the SHTF. To those, let us gear up to do things we never thought we would be called upon to do. Prepping was Phase 1; get ready for Phase 2!

Is survival, and only survival your goal? or is it a necessary first step before you change things around you for the better? This is the new question I face; I believe many others here have gotten to this point as well.

May we walk with more courage and bravery during these coming days! Regards,

-- (He Who) Rolls with Punches (, December 26, 1999.


Thanks for sharing this story. No one is able to guage the ripple effect they have had. I hope this "pat on the back" is felt by everyone on this board! It is genuine. Even one lurker reading one thread may have saved a village, all because of the men and women here.

-- Hokie (, December 26, 1999.

Thank you's are great. They are an unexpected gift. I haven't gotten any, but some of those I've talked to have made serious preps. I expect to hear from them in a couple of weeks.

It has been a thankless job, some say its lose/lose. We've done it to ensure survival.

-- John Littmann (JTL9700@JUNO.COM), December 26, 1999.

Our neighbor gave us a thank you, along with a lamp,oil and a jar of pear preserves for talking to them about Y2K. Made us feel good, that they decided to prepare. Some of our friends have listened and decided to prepare, some have not. I no longer discuss Y2K with those that refused to prep.

-- Dian (, December 26, 1999.

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