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12/25 Y2K: Final Report On Preparedness Purchasing

I made my last run to the Irvine, California Sam's Club on 12/23. There was ZERO evidence of any shortages. The disposable propane was running low, but they still had some. Otherwise, the merchandise was plentiful and stocked high. They had so many generators that they moved some of them out into the middle of the aisle. Bottled water was stacked about five feet high and ran for about 20 feet along a wall.

I saw a woman with four young daughters in tow. Her cart was piled high with canned food. We got in a big discussion about Y2K. She'd been ready for months, and was just topping off. She said she didn't know what was going to happen, but refused to risk the chance of anything going wrong and not being able o feed her children. She was the only person I saw in the entire store, besides me, who was doing any preparatory buying. Again, it was mostly frozen burritos, bulk candy and wrapping paper.

The gun store was a different story. I went to the Turner's Outdoorsman in Fountain Valley. The place was going absolutely nuts. Upon walking in, I noticed that there were two checkout lines open, each about fifteen feet long. Men were buying ammo, all they could carry. One guy had a hand truck with several cases on board (different calibers). One of the salesmen walked out with about 20 boxes of 12 ga. double OO, handed it to a guy and said, "There you go, that's all we have left."

It would almost be worth it to go by this place next week to see what's happening then. Insanity. They'll probably sell out of BB guns. <<<

I have no connection to any of this but find this report interesting reading just the same. A few are thinking...most sheeple are not.

-- Irving (irvingf@myremarq.com), December 26, 1999


just got back from Albertsons here in town - picking up some final stuff;

NO kitchen matches; the shelf was bare

four packs of small boxes of matches, I took them;

was almost eerie! - almost no sign of people prepping here - but NO matches suggests something...

-- Perry Arnett (pjarnett@pdqnet.net), December 26, 1999.

Stopped in at Raley's to see what bargains they had...didn't buy anything and very few people were in the store. Maybe people are sick of food for the time being. Saw some empty spaces on shelves but that could be due to Xmas and they haven't had time to restock. Went to WalMart, very few shoppers again. No camp stove fuel, but had a few propane cylinders on the shelf. Last week they didn't have any. Still had a few candles left. No 5-gallon gas cans. Last week they got in a shipment in after being out for 3 weeks. They got in a shipment last night of garden equipment. Shelves were bare in many places such as dog food, Wally SPAM, but they did have about 20 gallons of bottled water. No oil lamps, no oil, no oil lamp wicks. Ace Hardware told me they sold 350 gallons of kerosene last week. I bought 5 gallons. This coming week will be interesting to see what the herd does. Still a lot of bare spots at Foods 4 Less, don't know what's going on there. The checker said they aren't getting shipments in and when they do, they are having trouble keeping the shelves stocked.

-- bardou (bardou@baloney.com), December 26, 1999.

Periodically I have gone into various stores over the last 2 months to "stock" up myself. I have found that there were sometimes only 4,5 or 6 jars or cans of something I was interested in on the shelf. I usually took all of them, for a moment feeling guilty that I was doing so. I don't know if the store had more in their back warehouse or not, probably, at least I hope so for others that may have wanted some of what I just took the last of.

Signed, prepared and waiting....

-- carolyn (carolynnicks@msn.com), December 26, 1999.

i still don't see a RUSH to stock up. however, here in Northern VA (20 miles outside of DC), my son and I stopped at a KMart and it was kind of eerie to see empty shelves where the camp stoves and lanterns used to be, kind of empty displays of batteries and flashlights, NO GAS CANS, low water supplies. other than that, things look pretty darn normal. boy, Kosky should be proud of his efforts to calm the masses.

wouldn't it be ironic if the public didn't buy food and water but did stock up on "anti-terrorism" supplies?

-- tt (cuddluppy@nowhere.com), December 26, 1999.

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