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For those who are well-prepared but would like a little "oomph" for their stash: don't forget all those lovely after-Christmas sales. We had to go to Eckerd Drugs Christmas Day afternoon and found among the Christmas frou-frou tins of cookies, boxes of candy, and "gourmet" coffee and food gift boxes, all at half-price. The tins of cookies are especially appropriate for storing. Must check out our local Kerr Drugs in the morning--it was closed today.

-- Old Git (, December 26, 1999


Our K-Mart supplement features water on the front page. Three gallons for a couple of dollars.

-- Gary S. (, December 26, 1999.

Eagle Hardware had a full page ad today for Y2K supplies, showing kerosene heaters, propane, BBQ propane grills, insulation, etc.

Went to Kmart (got a $50 gift cert!), 1/2 price on gift boxes with canned ham, cheeses, beef sticks (about $4). Nice winter boots that are lined = $14 and much more! It was great.

-- Sammie (, December 26, 1999.

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