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Has anybody the technical specs of the Linhof M679 online?

Is anybody using this camera? I had the opportunity to play with a used one lately... it felt extremely solid & precise, though too heavy for field use and a bit unusual due to the lack of direct shift functions... I'm wondering why it has almost no coverage in this forum (I know, it's only MF, but seems to be a full-fledged view camera).


-- Stefan Dalibor (, December 25, 1999


A: it isn't a camera as such. It comes out of the box with no means of viewing or using film.

It is a flexible bellows that is adaptable for backs from Mamiya, Sylvestri, Hasselblad, Horseman, etc. and the digital backs that fit those cameras. It was not designed to be the field camera or the alternative to a camera like the Technikardan.

As for weight name another camera system that has built into it a large linhof Profi III ball head mechanism. Add the weight of a large ball head to other cameras to compare the weight.

There are 2 versions of the M679. You played with the basic one.

The M679cc has back rise and shift as well as the other movements of the M679 that you saw.

-- Bob Salomon (, December 25, 1999.

Wow, hadn't expected such a fast answer over Xmas holidays... :)

That encourages me to repeat my core question:
Where can I find the technical specs for the M679? I'm looking for the nice B&H summary format (they don't seem to sell this device), including dimensions, max. possible movements, extension etc., and of course pricing.

I assume it is integrated into the rest of the Linhof system (backs, lensboards etc.)?

And I'm rather curious about first-hand user experience with this camera... the design has a certain appeal to it (the kind of minimalistic design that sometimes turns out superior to traditional solutions?), but my experience base with view cameras is much to small for informed judgment.


-- Stefan Dalibor (, December 26, 1999.

You can go to our web site and look under Latest News for the specs.

Base tilt = 750 front/rear + the tilt in the ball head base. Swing = 600 front/rear Max. extension = 12.9" min = 35mm Apo Grandagon in double recessed board with bag bellows Ball head base rotates 3600 The cc adds 0.9" of rear shift and 0.8" rear rise

The M679 uses its own accessories. The M679 backs and lens boards can be used on Sinar/Horseman, Cambo and Linhof Kardan cameras (see news on our web site) and the M679 also accpts 45 technika boards with an adapter.

The M679 does not at this time accept Super or Cine Rollex backs or Technika 23 accessories. But it does accept Linhof's slide in 27 roll back for 68 view cameras (the rapid Rollex).

The M679 has its own compendium systems, bellows and viewing devices.

Your local Linhof distributor would be happy to send you a brochure. Since I think you are in Germany you can get one from Linhof by contacting theim directly.

If you are in the U.S. any requests to Linhof are forwarded to us for literature or to answer questions so in the US it is faster to contact us directly.

-- Bob Salomon (, December 26, 1999.

Thanks again, Bob!

That was exactly what I wanted to know... I'm in fact in Germany (even in Bavaria, about 180 klicks from Munich :), but the net is so much faster and more comfortable than any surface mail...


-- Stefan Dalibor (, December 27, 1999.

At 180 on the Autobahn youare only an hour from Rupert Meyer Strasse the Linhof address.

-- Bob Salomon (, December 27, 1999.

Guess what, I got a M679 brochure today (surprisingly, from a shop where I was to examine an Arca) - so I can fill in the dimensions of the M679 (so that it is in the database, in case anybody else is interested:
It's 170mm x 153mm x 294mm (l x w x h), and weighs ca. 3.8kg (with the integrated ballhead).


P.S.: Assuming 180km/h on the A9 is like photographing with theoretical MTF charts - during business hours, you are lucky if you achieve an average of 130km/h (couldn' resist to disgress, but Linhof Kamerawerke is on my agenda for the next Munich visit :).

-- Stefan Dalibor (, December 28, 1999.

Forget it for use outdoors; this is a studio camera. I tried one and did not like it. I had the non-cc version which is a real pain to use. The M679cc would be much better but still bulky and heavy for field use. Now I have a Technikardan 23S which is really great.

-- Doug Dolde (, March 30, 2002.

"170mm x 153mm x 294mm (l x w x h), and weighs ca. 3.8kg "

Without a camera back, GG back, GG, fresnel or lensboard.

You are giving specs for the bellows with the front and rear standards and the base only.

-- Bob Salomon (, March 30, 2002.

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