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Merry Christmas to your and your family!! I am logging in as I wait for my children's feet to hit the floor heading for the X-mas tree. They are teens, could be hours!!!

I know there are many of you would not consider yourselves Christians -- yet I would like to invite believer and non-believer alike to join in this because not only do I believe very much in the power of prayer, but I think a number of recent interesting surveys have shown its effectiveness whether the prayer recipient was a believer or not.

Behind all of our screen names are REAL HUMAN BEINGS. Of course we give each other a hard time (that is why I like this board because the people are so totally obnoxious and funny) so we must put aside our opinions/differences for this little exercise. Since we don't know what may be coming our way and how easy/difficult those events might be for the REAL HUMAN BEING behind the screen name--I would like to form a prayer chain of anyone wanting to be on it so that we could pray daily for everyone on the list.

So, if you are interested in being prayed for and in praying for others on the list daily, you could add your name (screen name is fine--God knows who you are) to the list. Then let's agree that each person on the list, at a specific time daily (e.g., 3pm in the afternoon EST), will pray for everyone else on the list. We could continue this until a pre-designated date (say once we are all back on line and the "all clear is given".)

THIS ISN'T THE LIST--lets discuss the details of how this would work first for a day, then I can post a 'PRAYER LIST' post with the sort of "agreed upon guidelines" to which you can add your name.

NOW BE NICE!! If you post a nasty post, then I guess we are just going to add your name to the list automatically. :-)

-- tt (, December 25, 1999


How about a most heart-felt prayer that we get throught this with nobody getting hurt; nobody losing their job and nobody going hungry or getting arrested. That Almighty God will show mercy where none is due and save our nation. That Y2k will be nothing more than minor inconveniences and that we not forget this time, nor grow complacent and swollen with pride because "we" knew and were ready.

-- chairborne commando (, December 25, 1999.

CC I'll second your motion and tt sign me up.

Seasons Greetings to All.

-- Lurkess (Lurkess@Lurking.Net), December 25, 1999.

Hi tt,

Would happy to pray and help any way I can. What a beautiful surprise this Christmas morning. Merry Christmas and blessings tt from bb. :-)

-- Pastor Bob (, December 25, 1999.

Count me in.

-- Four Paws (, December 25, 1999.

Any hour is fine for me.

-- (normally@ease.notnow), December 25, 1999.

Yeppers....I second [or third?] CC's motion...been posting since last night that it's time to pray for our little planet....

-- Satanta (, December 25, 1999.

I think it is a little late to pray for no one to be hurt, lose their jobs, etc. But I know that prayer can soften the effects of the physical circumstances, and most importantly, affect the direction of people's responses. I am convinced that the greatest damage of Y2K will arise from people's intemperate responses. That is not to say there won't be very real disruptions! But if we do not pray, the ways people respond will make a bad situation infinitely worse.

I have felt for some time that the Lord was releasing the wall of protection that He had previously placed around this nation. In response, I have been praying that He establish "arks" of safety, that is, communities and individuals that He considered worthy, with "local" defensive protection against the flood that is coming.

I have just now come to the realization that this message board, this community, is such an ark.

I am convinced that whether it is Y2K or the other things coming afterwards, that the only place of real, practical safety will be in Jesus, close where He is. Let's all support each other in sincere love, just as cuddluppy says!

-- Spirit (moving@on.the.waters), December 25, 1999.

What a wonderful idea, count this yokel in. Gosh how I love all you people, I do so enjoy reaing your posts. Down deep folks we are all decent people, that is what has made this nation so great, the best on the topside of the earth. May God bless you and yours richly this holiday season.

-- Notforlong (, December 25, 1999.

I believe in the power of prayer, too, tt! The Bible says, "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." James 5:16

Add me to the list of those who will pray.

-- Gayla (, December 25, 1999.


I'm in. Praying is one of my favorite pastimes, as you can see by the addy :)


-- Mary (, December 25, 1999.

I'd count it a privilege to be included!

I've put the following promise to the test in deadly danger, and have seen it miraculously fulfilled right before my eyes - helpless to affect the course of events, I cried out and was delivered with supernatural speed and certainty!

"And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me." - Psalm 50:15

What an absolute Rock, and what a powerfulpromise from the sovereign Lord. "I WILL deliver thee"...!

-- John Whitley (, December 25, 1999.

Our prayers are needed now:

We need your Prayers....Earnestly

-- Lilly (, December 25, 1999.

Every morning and night, prayers from us, love to you all

@}->-- 3~0 3~0 3~0 3~0 3~0 3~0 3~0 @}->-- 3~0 3~0 3~0

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, December 25, 1999.

Prayer is a powerful and positive energy...let the energy flow

-- Texas Terri (, December 25, 1999.

TT, count me in also...... There is power in prayer, i have seen it for myself. Blessings In His Service PrayerWarrior

-- Cindy (, December 25, 1999.

Where is the scripture "that when two of you or more, shall be in agreement, and ask such a thing, Then, So It Shall Be Done!" I Pray NOT for DISASTER!!! However, I pray for humans to touch one another again, as the Internet allows us to do. Count me in, on this prayer, just remind me about it, I am old.

-- Memory Loss Has (, December 25, 1999.


What a wonderful suggestion! I would add a suggestion - that your note be posted every hour, as a reminder to those who have read it and insurance that everyone who visits this site will see it. (How 'bout if we offer up our prayers every hour-on-the-hour?)

The list could be very long, as we all need praying for. We can pray that everyone is given the strength to face what is coming.

Thank you again, and count me in.

-- Michael (, December 26, 1999.

God Bless the Fed and the IRS as the Fed and the IRS have blessed US!

-- Mark Hillyard (, December 26, 1999.

I'm in. Everyone who has ever posted to this forum will be on my list.

In the meantime--here's a "day after Christmas present" for your reference library. Funny thing--the link was originally brought to my attention by someone who had received it from someone who is often "less than kind."

Well, mysterious ways and all that. . .


Cool search engine.


-- FM (, December 26, 1999.

Count me in. I have been praying for the last year and a half that I was wrong and that it really will be a BITR. We all need to pray that we get through this.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (, December 26, 1999.

Count me in....I have been praying daily for about the last month, that God saves us from ourselves....:-(

Sounds like a good idea (the prayer list).

-- preparing (, December 27, 1999.

December has been a month of prayer and worship! We are already victors in this fight; we need to help one another stand firm in this! We need not rely on our own strength, only in his, who interceeds for us on our behalf. I am spending this last week fasting, and continued preparedness. Anyone else? I am excited for what is to come!

-- Jina (, December 27, 1999.

Count me in also. I'm faithful at prayer and truly believe it will make a difference.

Thank you!

-- Faithful (, December 27, 1999.

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