I Hope You're Right

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You and the government have 'bet the farm' so to speak that all Y2K problems will be minor inconveniences and told the public to prepare for a something akin to a three day snow storm. God, I hope you're right!

Although you may not think so, you, representing the federal government and the industry reps have built a considerable road block to community preparedness using some mighty fine slick PR lines geared to keep the masses sleeping comfortably. It worked. About perhaps 5% of us are a little prepared.

Remember to add to the last line of the governments contingency plan..."Be prepared to be vilified by the people IF we are wrong."

Good luck and I hope you're still smiling in a few months.

Gary Allan Halonen

-- Gary Allan Halonen (g_a_halonen@hotmail.com), December 24, 1999

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