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The tap has yet to run dry, but some distributors warn that the big jugs -- plastic bottles that hold 18 litres of water -- are already becoming scarce and may not be in stock by New Year's Eve."

-- Rachel Gibson (, December 24, 1999


This is confirmation of what people on this
forum have been saying. The tsunami begins!

-- spider (, December 24, 1999.

And the human factor swells...

-- Rob (, December 24, 1999.

More snippage from the article mentioned by Rachel:

"Still, it seems that most Torontonians have yet to become wild-eyed with Y2K worries. Despite the bottled-water boom, there has been little caterwauling over other goods.

Indeed, Torontonians appear to have shrugged off concern that grocery stores and banks might be affected. Some banks, grocery stores and hardware stores said yesterday that demand has been steady this month, relative to last year, for everything from cash to flashlights and canned soup."

Wouldn't want Rachel (and others) to think that we Torontonians are completely falling victim to the FUD (g)

-- Johnny Canuck (, December 25, 1999.

Johnny Canuck is his usual perceptive self, I see :). But while Torontonians are trying to make their minds up about whether or not to buy bottled water for Y2K...

November 6, 1999

Military makes Y2K move

By SCOT MAGNISH -- City Hall Bureau

Military headquarters in Toronto will move from an office tower in North York to a stronghold in Downsview in anticipation of Y2K bug mayhem, officials said yesterday.

Maj. Stephane Grenier of Land Force Central Area (LFCA) said the temporary move out of 5775 Yonge St. is part of the military's plan to deal with a millennium disaster as the clock strikes 12 on Dec. 31, 1999.


At Downsview "we can be self-sufficient," Grenier said, predicting the move will start mid-December and finish Christmas Day. "We can't be dependent on the civilian infrastructure; we need to be self-sufficient with our own power generation and communication abilities."

Grenier stressed the military's fear of a Y2K disaster is "much less than it was" a few months ago but that preparedness for every eventuality is still vital.

Grenier also said "a couple of hundred reservists" from Toronto- based infantry, armoured and medical units will be on "immediate standby" New Year's Eve and another 5,000 regular troops in Petawawa will be "ready to deploy" should the need arise.


-- John Whitley (, December 25, 1999.

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